GameCo to Launch Sportsbook in Colorado

The operator responsible to bring skill-based gambling games to a casino floor is looking to expand and wants to do so with sports betting. The company has set its sight on offering esports betting at the Sky Ute Casino in Colorado.

It has announced a partnership with a Las Vegas-based sports betting solutions company to facilitate the expansion. The partnership between GameCo and US Bookmaking has been sealed, and they are getting ready to launch what will be the first-ever dedicated esports sportsbook in the US. It will be done digitally through the Sky Ute Casino Resort.

The move to launch in Colorado is considered a test by GameCo as it looks to create a new casino experience. The bigger picture is to attract as many Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z esports players ad enthusiasts to land-based and digital casinos. Hence, esports betting will not only be available on sportsbooks.

The company decided to go into online gaming as an expansion plan to add to its existing land-based video game gambling business. In a statement released by the company, “GameCo’s turnkey full-service esports betting offering provides casinos with a low cost, low risk, and flexible plug-and-play solution that integrates a betting platform, data and video streaming services, as well as odds making and risk management.”

GameCo’s plans and partnerships

With the help of Askott Entertainment, GRID, and 10Star, GameCo hopes to offer something unique to casinos in a bid to lure them in. It promises a fully integrated betting solution, which will provide 24/7 in-play wagering. When they pull this off, they will be the first US esports book to offer in-play wagering. With the help of all three partners – Akott, 10Star, and GRID – a comprehensive and innovative esports betting solution will be possible. Each partner has its roles to perform to see to the successful launch of the esports book.

  • Askott Entertainment is tasked with providing its Chameleon online and mobile wagering platform. The platform provides a cashless mobile funding solution
  • 10Star is responsible for odds and trading feed. This will cover pre-match and in-play betting
  • GRID will handle the data. They will supply the widgets that will enable live match streaming and viewing. Also, the data platform will provide player engagement tools and social cards

The assistant general manager for Sky Ute Casino Resort, Travis Garlick, has expressed his excitement following the deal. He stated that the resort is glad to be entering the esports industry and to be the first casino to provide such service. He believes that the partnership will provide a unique user experience and will attract more people to the casino.

The director of operations for US Bookmaking, John Salerno, also had something to say regarding the partnership. He brought to light the companies investigation of the esports wagering market for over three years. In his words, “US Bookmaking has been investigating entry to the esports wagering market for over three years.” In short, the company looks forward to the launch and sees GameCo as the perfect partner for this product.

This is another record-breaking product from GameCo, and everyone is excited to see how it pans out. Casino experience in Colorado is about to take a different turn for the better. The CEO of GameCo has stated that the product will soon be introduced to other US markets, following a successful launch at Sky Ute Casino.


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