GGPoker Featuring New Cash Game Dollar (C$) Currency

All throughout 2020, GGPoker continued to grow, providing players with premium options for online gaming. New features and events were added on a regular basis. In late November, the site launched Cash Game Dollar (C$), with little fanfare. Players of the site might like to know more about this cash game currency and how it can be used at the site as well as earned.

What Is It?

Cash Game Dollar is just like Tournament Dollar (T$) but is used for cash gaming. The currency does not expire and cannot be converted to real money instantly. The goal of the C$ is for players to use it to play games at the site and have a chance to build a solid bankroll for poker gaming.

One C$ equals $1. Players can use C$ to buy-in at the cash game tables. With Tournament Dollar, the currency is used to buy into tournament events of Spin & Gold. Players can easily use either currency as they like. With C$, players have the option to set it as their default currency in the settings section.

GGPoker accepts C$ in its All-In or Fold cash games as well as Rush & Cash, Omaha, Hold’em, and Short Deck. Players can choose to use C$ to buy-in or cash. Players can even combine both to be able to meet a certain amount.

When C$ is used, it will take care of the balance first. Any bets made with C$ will be returned as the same currency. Rake as well as any jackpot fees will be deducted from C$ as well. GGPoker does not offer a simple way to transfer C$ to dollars. However, if you play against someone using C$ and win, then the currency is converted to USD.

How to Earn C$

Now that you have a better understanding of C$, then you are probably wondering how to earn it? GGPoker offers a variety of ways to earn the cash. Each month, new options will be provided for earning C$. In January, there are cash game leaderboards taking place daily that offer C$ prizes. this includes Omaha, Hold’em and other options.

There is also a daily $20,000 Spin & Gold event that offers the C$ currency as a prize. We expect to see GGPoker offer even more ways for players to earn C$ in the future.

January Cash Giveaway

Another great thing happening over at GGPoker is the $7 Million Giveaway. Players can compete throughout the entire month of January to earn a share of the $7 million prize pool. There are several ways to do so. The site is offering a Daily $30,000 GGCare Flipout as well as Daily $40,000 leaderboard competition.

There is also Spin & Gold options along with daily Omaha and Hold’em leaderboards. Newcomers to the site have a honeymoon option along with a Daily Free Spin where you can claim a free ticket to an event, and much more. There is plenty to explore so get started today by visiting GGPoker.


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