GGPoker International Main Event Final Table Announced

The GGPoker backed WSOP Main Event final table is set to take place in Rozvadov, Czech Republic, and we now have the details on who has made the final nine. This tournament has been set with some difficulties with some feeling that the tournament that took place earlier in the year online was the Main Event for 2020. However, it seems that this wasn’t the case.

Headliners at the Final Table

Politics and controversy aside, we do have some stellar names at the final table with the likes of Botteon from Brazil, Ruivo from Portugal, and Salas from Argentina making an appearance. Throw in other players from countries such as Liechtenstein, China, and Bulgaria, and you see that we have an international table for an international tournament.

Big Prize Money on Offer

The GGPoker tournament has been a huge success with a field of 674 entrants. This has led to a total prize pool of over $6.4 million, so each of the nine finalists are already guaranteed to walk away with a substantial sum of money. Even ninth place is going to result in picking up a cheque for $75k.

But that’s not the end of the big prize money. The winner stands to pick up $1.5 million for their efforts, and that’s huge. However, for the winner, it’s not going to end there. Instead, the winner of this final table in the Czech Republic will fly to Vegas to play against the winner of the US tournament in a head to head. This is going to result in the chance to land a huge additional prize as well as the chance to proclaim themselves as the winner of the entire WSOP Main Event.

Potential Front-Runners

So, who could be seen as the potential front-runners from this final nine? While Botteon built the most chips during the different rounds, you shouldn’t ignore the likes of Stoyan Obreshkov who qualified in ninth place.

Stoyan has already cashed in on various final tables throughout the curtailed 2020 season and has somewhat slipped under the radar. In fact, in the last three Vegas tournaments, he has cashed in over $1.2 million, so he is clearly in good form leading up to this final table.

However, Botteon does have a healthy lead when it comes to number of chips as he sits at 10.3 million with Ruivo second at 6.2 million. Botteon also leads when it comes to the number of big blinds as he sits at 52 compared to Ruivo at 31.

The one thing that can be guaranteed is that the action will be fast and furious with a lot of tension in the air. A number of big name players, and previous WSOP bracelet winners, already left the tournament before getting to the money bubble stage. When you have the likes of Simon Lofberg, Barak Wisbrod, and Alex Papazian leaving the tournament before they can hit paydays, then you know you have a stellar field.

Ultimately, whoever wins the final table is going to have deserved that $1.5 million payday. We are now closer to finding out exactly who that individual will be.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett