Google Decides to Allow Online Gambling Advertisements in the US

For some time now, online gambling advertisements have not been allowed in the US. It seems the company is realizing that iGaming is expanding across the nation and they want in on the action. This week, Google announced they will expand the ads they allow related to gambling online in the United States. Sports betting will be allowed first and it is expected that online casino advertising will not be far behind.

In general, Google is relatively gambling friendly, but they did not want to add the US to their list, possibly due to issues regarding online gambling in the past. Google already allows around 30 countries to advertise gambling ads within their borders.

Sports Betting Ads

Back in June, Google Ads announced that regulated sportsbooks could advertise in New Jersey, but only on a trial run. Soon after, Nevada and West Virginia were allowed such advertising. This week, Google announced that five more states are in the process of gaining regulatory permission to offer such advertisements. These states include Rhode Island, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Montana.

The first ads may be live as soon as this week, but the exact launch will occur once regulator provide final approval. This could vary based on the given state.

Enter 2020

Google has yet to announce when additional gambling advertisements, such as those associated with online gambling will be allowed. Analysts believe that the first quarter of next year will see such advertisements allowed. Many states only offer sports betting, but states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania would like to offer online advertisements featuring online casino games and sports betting.

When it comes to gambling companies and their advertisements, Google has strict terms of service. There are several stipulations that must be met in order to be allowed to advertise. This includes age verification as well as a message regarding responsible gambling.

While gambling operators already have to meet these requirements in order to obtain licensing, Google still has to prove that advertising is going to be offered only be legal companies and in the appropriate manner.

With Google on the side of gambling companies, it is a good sign that things are finally turning around for the online gambling industry in the United States. For many years, despite services being legalized, companies have not wanted to become involved for fear of any issues with the state or federal government.

With Google being such as huge company, it should push others to become involved in the industry as well. Hopefully as 2020 begins, we will see more state pass online gambling legislation and even more products and companies will emerge in the process.

We shall see over the coming weeks if the above states start offering advertising via Google and if any other states will seek approvals in the future. The difference with the addition of Google advertising, the gambling industry will have the ability to earn even more via the additional promotion.

Rebecca Kont
Rebecca Kont

Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and after completing her degree at Reynolds Journalism school joined the USGS team to pursue her journalism dreams.