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Legal Online Gambling USA

The online gambling market in the USA has been changing rapidly over the past year, with many states looking towards full regulation and legalization of gambling sites for Americans.

On this page we’ll take a look at the current status of US online gambling laws on a state-by-state level to help you understand the current situation.  This page is updated frequently as new legislation is proposed and laws passed that allow players to register and play for real money with sports betting, casino & poker.

  • GREEN = state offers some form of online gambling.
  • YELLOW = state is close to legalizing.
  • BLUE = state has not yet legalized, click for more details.
  • New Jersey – the longest standing state to have regulated online gambling, NJ currently offers online sports betting, online casino and poker sites for players. You do not have to be a New Jersey resident to play, but you must be within state borders if you intend to register and play for real money.
  • Pennsylvania – another early adopter of regulated online gambling, Pennsylvania currently allows sports betting, but has plans to offer casino and poker as well in 2019.
  • Nevada – was one the first states to propose and implement regulated gaming, however only online poker is legal to play online in NV. We expect that online casino and sports betting will take some time in the state since the land based casino business is huge and has lots of influence over policy.
  • Delaware – offers all three products (casino, poker and sports) online and shares player liquidity for poker with Nevada and New Jersey.  There are only a few options when it comes to online gambling and we hope the state expands its’ offering in the future.
  • West Virginia – currently allows online sports betting only with a slow roll-out underway. So far no news on if online casinos and online poker will become regulated in West Virginia.

What States Are Likely To Allow Some Form Of Online Gambling Soon?

  • New York – is presently looking to legalize online poker under the classification that it’s a game of skill and not gambling.  This was attempted in 2018 however did not pass successful, so will have another shot at becoming law in 2019. Online Casino and sports betting is not currently on the table and is unlikely to be approved in the near future.
  • California – as one of the largest states by population, online gambling legislation has been an ongoing discussion in CA for quite some time.  There have been some attempts at poker regulation, however to-date nothing material has been passed.  Similar to New York, at present it’s unlikely anything will get passed legalizing casino and sports.
  • Massachusetts – lots of talk going on in Massachusetts from state politicians however nothing concrete has been put into action yet.  The state has expanded it’s land based casino offering however, and we expect that legislation could be tabled this year.
  • Michigan – currently legislation is being discussed to regulate all channels of sports betting, online poker and online casino.  An attempt was made and vetoed in 2018, so we expect there will be another concerted effort this year to pass regulated gambling laws.
  • Connecticut – a new bill has been proposed in 2019 that would legalize and regulate online sports betting in the state, with an integrity fee for operators.  It’s quite likely this bill will be passed but there is no timetable yet on operations going live.
  • Rhode Island – the state is currently waiting for mobile and online sports betting legislation to be signed, at which point it will become legal to bet online in Rhode Island.  This is expected to happen quite soon barring any major interruption or refusal to sign.