Indiana Casinos Reopen with Players Lining Up to Gain Entry

After being shut down since March, the casinos in Indiana are now open. On June 15, the casinos in Indiana were taking bets once again. The venues shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic and had to wait until the all clear was given to reopen. Many players were on hand to take part in the opening day festivities, with casinos having trouble handling the influx of guests due to reopening requirements.

Long Lines with Struggles

The casinos were set to reopen on Monday at 6am. The excitement was real, and layers were lined up outside the Horseshoe Hammond an hour before the casino was set to open. Thirty minutes before opening, the line of cars waiting for entry was wrapped around the building.

Certain safety measures are now in place within the casinos to create a healthier environment for both players and guests. The measures are needed but also kept the line of guests from moving forward quickly. Normally, anyone who looks older than 30 would be allowed to enter without showing their ID. Now, everyone has to have their ID checked, which takes time.

Every person who wants to go inside the casinos must also have their temperature checked and undergo a screening process. They must answer questions before going inside. The casinos are also restricted to operating at 50% capacity or less.

The bigger casinos in the state saw long lines which led to some guests leaving and going home. As time goes by, the lines should move at a faster pace, but it will still take longer for patrons to enter the casino. The wait time should be a consideration of any patron planning on visiting a casino in the state.

Taking Precautions, a Step Further

Each of the casinos licensed in Indiana had to meet certain requirements to reopen. However, for some, the operators decided to go a step further with safety precautions against the coronavirus. One provision states that only players at table games must wear masks. The Horseshoe Hammond Casino is providing masks to everyone. Many players chose to wear the mask as it was given to them for free.

For guests of the Majestic Star Casino, patrons are given Care Kits. The kit includes several items that will be helpful in avoiding Covid-19. There is a mask, hand sanitizer and latex finger coverings in each kit.

The Blue Chip Casino decided to install thermal imaging cameras for the temperature testing and plexiglass barriers to help with social distancing. The Hollywood Casino is reminding patrons of social distancing requirements via signage as well as installing hand sanitizer stations throughout the property.

Overall, the challenges upon opening seem very minimal. Casinos were able to welcome guests in the safest way possible via temperature checks and social distancing measures. The goal is to see the casinos operational once again, bringing in much needed revenues to the state. It will still take some time for the casinos to be fully operational but even at 50% capacity, it is a nice start.


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