Kamala Harris Listed with Best Odds to Win Presidency in 2024

Over a billion dollars changed hands as a result of people wagering on the 2020 election and while that number was record breaking, it might not even come close to what is wagered in 2024. In fact, between Washington DC still in constant gridlock, and looming economic woes, it’s becoming more likely that 2024 will see recording breaking numbers.

One promising sign for a record-breaking election in 2024 was how record breaking 2020 was for sports wagering. Keep in mind that this was a wagering event on the same level as Floyd Money Mayweather versus Conner McGregor, and you can see how big election wagering is getting. It’s also becoming more common in sportsbook around the world.

Republican Nominee Odds

Starting with the odds of who will be the Republican nominee for the 2024 election, Bovada.com has Donald Trump at +400, Mike Pence at +400 and Nikki Haley at +500. Other interesting options include Donald Trump Jr at +25000, Rudy Giuliani at +25000, Jared Kushner at +25000 and Kanye West at +10000. That’s an incredible cast of characters to say the least.

Then again, Donald Trump becoming the Republican nominee again is a possibility, but what if that decision dooms the entire Republican party? Who knows? Donald Trump was beaten easily in the 2020 election, which may cause some Republicans to wonder if the former Apprentice host is their ticket back to the White House.

Or maybe four years of Joe Biden will result in the same effect that got Donald Trump elected after the Obama administration held office for eight years. It really depends on what happens during Biden’s term and how he handles the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. If he accidentally gives Trump too much cannon fodder during his presidency though, it could end up getting Trump back in power.

And what if Trump finds a way to stay in power between 2020 and 2024? While this outcome will depend on what evidence he has of voter fraud by the Democrats, he will also need to be able to convince the Supreme Court that what he found affected the election. If that happens, Republicans will be forced to remove him from the odds list and potentially makes Mike Pence the favorite.

Democrat Nominee Betting Odds

Looking at the Democrat’s possible nominees, Kamala Harris is listed as the favorite with +300 and President elect, Joe Biden sits at +500. Major surprises in the field include, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who stands with +600, Andrew Yang at +800, Michelle Obama at +1000, Bernie Sanders at +1200 and Hillary Clinton at +5000. Again, it will be very interesting to watch play out, but what if Biden doesn’t want to serve a second term?

By time Biden’s first term ends, he will be 81 years and that’s not going to sit well with some. Not only could that prompt questions of his ability to function in office, but also creates a situation where Democrats might have to abandon him in order to keep power. That’s probably where Kamala Harris comes in, which is probably why she is listed with better odds than Biden now.

Who Wins it All in 2024?

Finally, let’s look at the odds to win the 2024 election, which currently has Kamala Harris as the favorite at +400. This is followed by Donald Trump Senior at +800, Nikki Haley at +1000, Mike Pence at +1100, Andrew Yang at +1200 and Joe Biden at +1200. Other notables include Jon Stewart at +6600, Michelle Obama at +1600, Mark Cuban with +2500 and Kanye West with +10000.

What’s very interesting about these odds is again that they seem to predict that Joe Biden won’t finish his term in office or will throw his support towards his running mate, Kamala Harris at the end of his first term. Another thing about the current odds is that Nikki Haley, who was the Ambassador for the United States during the Trump administration, sits with the third best odds on the board.

What about Andrew Yang though, who is listed as having the fifth best odds on the board and is even ahead of current president elect, Joe Biden? Of course, a lot of that might have to do with his 1000-dollar stipend to all citizens or his belief in Universal base income, but there is something about him that oddsmakers seem to be draw to.

In the end, the odds are bound to undergo massive changes in the next four years and people around the world will put their money on a variety of people, but who comes out on top in this one is anyone’s guess. Furthermore, with so much uncertainty still surrounding the 2020 election, 2024 seems to be more unpredictable than ever.


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