Kyle Lowry and Three Other Players’ Potential Trade Destinations

With the NBA Trade Deadline looming on March 25, sports bettors are looking at trade markets. Players like Kristaps Porzingis, Andre Drummond and Kyle Lowry have all been subject to trade rumors as of late.

With only a few days until the deadline, teams are going to be working the phones as much as possible to get deals down. BetOnline has compiled an odds list with various players and their likeliest destinations should they be traded.

Will Kyle Lowry End up in Miami?

Odds via BetOnline as of Monday, March 22

  • Miami Heat -175
  • Philadelphia 76ers +250
  • Los Angeles Clippers +325

Throughout the 2020-21 NBA Season, any time Kyle Lowry has been discussed in trade rumors, the Philadelphia 76ers have been the favorites to land him. That claim now belongs to the Miami Heat at -175. According to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer, Miami is Lowry’s preferred destination because he’s good friends with Heat star Jimmy Butler.

Kyle Lowry would be an improvement at point guard above the likes of Kendrick Nunn and Goran Dragic. He could also get the ball to Butler and Bam Adebayo without any issue. Plus, the Toronto Raptors may be able to get a valuable piece from the Heat, such as Tyler Herro or Duncan Robinson.

Celtics Likeliest Destination for Vucevic

Odds via BetOnline as of Monday, March 22

  • Boston Celtics +120
  • San Antonio Spurs +175
  • Charlotte Hornets +250

At 30 years old, Nikola Vucevic is having a break-out season. He’s averaging a career-high in points (24.6) while also putting up 11.8 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game. With that being said, it would take a massive offer for the Orlando Magic to deal their best player. Unlike Kyle Lowry, an upcoming unrestricted free agent, Vucevic has two years left on his deal after this season.

With that being said, if he does get traded, the Boston Celtics are the favorites at +120. They’ve been in the market for an All-Star center all season, having been given the highest odds of landing LaMarcus Aldridge. Acquiring Vucevic would give the Celtics a boost in scoring and rebounding to compete with the East’s best teams.

Where Could John Collins Be Traded To?

Odds via BetOnline as of Monday, March 22

  • Dallas Mavericks +200
  • Boston Celtics +250
  • Minnesota Timberwolves +300
  • Sacramento Kings +400
  • Detroit Pistons +700

It seems odd that the Atlanta Hawks would want to trade the 23-year-old John Collins. He’s not having a career year, but he’s still putting up a respectable 18.2 points and 7.8 rebounds per game. The Hawks are also 8-0 since firing Lloyd Pierce and sit fourth-place in the Eastern Conference. However, Collins didn’t sign an extension with the Hawks before the extension deadline, making him a restricted free agent this summer.

The Dallas Mavericks have the best odds to land Collins at +200. With rumors that Porzingis could be on his way out, the Mavericks are looking for another All-Star-quality player to play alongside Luka Doncic. With Doncic’s passing ability, Collins would certainly have more offensive opportunities in Dallas. Currently, he’s not getting as many as Atlanta’s offense flows through Trae Young.

Mavericks Also in on Drummond

Odds via BetOnline as of Monday, March 22

  • Dallas Mavericks +150
  • New York Knicks +200
  • Toronto Raptors +350
  • Chicago Bulls +500
  • Miami Heat +500
  • Boston Celtics +750

The Andre Drummond rumor mill will not be shut down until the former All-NBA player is out of Cleveland. The Mavericks (+150) have the best odds of landing him in a trade because they could really use his rebounding ability. The team is averaging 51.0 rebounds this season, which is seventh-worst in the NBA. Meanwhile, Drummond is averaging 13.4 rebounds per game on his own.

While Drummond’s style may clash with Porzingis when they’re on the floor together, he’d instantly make their team better.

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