LaMarcus Aldridge Odds: Where will the Veteran Finished the Season?

The LaMarcus Aldridge Era in San Antonio is over. On March 10, it was revealed that Aldridge would not return to the Spurs and that the team was actively trying to find a trade for him.

ESPN is reporting that a deal could happen as early as within a week. The 35-year-old is averaging 13.7 points per game on .464/.360/.838 shooting splits in the 2020-21 NBA Season. While Aldridge is a seven-time All-Star and five-time All-NBA player, he has yet to win an NBA Championship.

If a trade doesn’t happen before the March 25 deadline, Aldridge could be bought out and sign with a contender of his choosing for cheap. Similar to what Blake Griffin recently did.

According to BetOnline, at +200, the Aldridge is most likely to end up on the Boston Celtics. However, there are other strong teams on the list, such as the Los Angeles Lakers (+500), Brooklyn Nets (+700) and Philadelphia 76ers (+1000).

In the end, it’ll be up to where Aldridge thinks he’ll fit in while giving him the best chance at winning an NBA Championship.

LaMarcus Aldridge Next Team Odds

Odds via BetOnline as of Thursday, March 11

  • Boston Celtics +200
  • Miami Heat +250
  • Charlotte Hornets +400
  • Portland Trail Blazers +400
  • Los Angeles Lakers +500
  • Phoenix Suns +600
  • Brooklyn Nets +700
  • Los Angeles Clippers +800
  • Philadelphia 76ers +1000

Celtics, Heat Favorites to Land Aldridge

Whenever a well-known power forward or center has been rumored to be available this season, it seems like fans can always find the Celtics and Miami Heat involved in the rumors. The truth is that both teams desperately need some help on their frontcourt.

While the Celtics have been rolling with Tristan Thompson this season, even an aging LaMarcus Aldridge could be an improvement. He’s more versatile than Thompson and could provide the Celtics with additional leadership.

On the other hand, the Heat just missed out on Blake Griffin and would like to acquire Aldridge. He’d be an upgrade over Kelly Olynyk at power forward. He could also provide support for whenever Bam Adebayo needs a break. At +250, there’s a decent chance that Aldridge ends up in Miami.

Could LaMarcus Aldridge Return to Portland?

While it seems like LaMarcus Aldridge has been a Spur forever, he started his career off with the Portland Trail Blazers. Aldridge spent his first nine seasons with the Blazers, including making the 2014-15 All-NBA Second Team in his final season with them.

The Trail Blazers made the playoffs five times while Aldridge was there, putting up a 12-22 record. However, with Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum in their primes, Portland is in a much better place. With Jusuf Nurkic missing the last two months with a fractured wrist, the team could use help at center. Plus, it would be fitting to see Aldridge try to win a championship where his career began.

The Trail Blazers are +400 to acquire LaMarcus Aldridge.

LaMarcus Aldridge Could Join Nets Superteam

At +700, there’s a realistic chance that LaMarcus Aldridge could join the Brooklyn Nets. While the team recently signed Griffin to a veteran-minimum, they could always do the same for Aldridge. It would be hard for the Nets to acquire him via trade due to his $24 million cap hit. However, if he gets bought out, he could head to Brooklyn on a minimum contract.

DeAndre Jordan has been the Nets’ primary center this season. Acquiring Aldridge would take some of that pressure of Jordan, who clearly isn’t in his prime anymore. Neither is Aldridge, but they could split responsibilities.

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