Las Vegas Trying to Navigate Through Coronavirus Pandemic

The city of Las Vegas has been hit extremely hard by the coronavirus pandemic, and there is no end in sight. Casinos, hotels, and restaurants are now shut down through the end of April, and the city is suffering through a major financial crisis.

Las Vegas is one of the top tourist cities in the United States, and almost all tourism has stopped in fear of contracting the virus. Not only has the gambling and casino industry suffered because of the pandemic, but other areas of the city have felt the effects of the disease as well.  While online gambling in Nevada continues, the hit to land-based operators is expected to cost billions and the casinos will need urgent support if the shutdowns continue for the months to come.

Boxers Forced to Find New Training Locations

The Las Vegas boxing community is large, both with professional and amateur fighters. Some of the top boxers in the world train in the city of Las Vegas, and the city is home to some of the best prize fights in the industry.

The governor’s stay at home order has forced the closure of gyms and training centers throughout the city, forcing boxers to find a new way to train. Boxing is extremely important to the economic industry in the community, but it is also extremely important to the way of life.

Boxers are now being forced to leave their home gyms, and train at home, while others are being forced to leave the country to train. Prize fights are currently unable to be held in the city, at least through April 30.

Unemployment Benefits Delayed in Vegas

The state of Nevada recently told unemployed workers that their benefits are delayed, and there is no timetable for the payment to be made. The federal government has passed several aid packages of late that will allow states the ability to pay out unemployment benefits, but it is unclear when that money will be available.

The major bill was signed into law last Friday, and the federal government has stated that it could take up 60 days for that money to be available for states across the country. The state of Nevada has ensured their unemployed workers that they will receive back pay dating back to March 15, when those funds become available.

Government Looking to Bail Las Vegas Out

The federal government recently passed and approved a coronavirus federal aid stimulus package, and the city of Las Vegas could be a huge beneficiary. The city is set to lose out on a ton of money due to the coronavirus pandemic, and this federal aid package could help out.

The Las Vegas City Council announced on Wednesday that they are eligible to receive almost $160 million from the aid package. While all of this money would go directly to the city, it would help Las Vegas recover from the financial loss of the pandemic. The money would not be given to any companies or resorts in the city, but the City Council could create programs to provide relief.

Resorts Booking Rooms For May 1

Even though the stay at home order has been extended through April 30, it appears that some hotels and resorts are already predicting when the pandemic will end. Caesars Entertainment is one of the biggest companies on the Las Vegas strip, and they are currently taking reservations for May 1.

Caesars was one of the first companies to close their doors in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and it appears that they are looking to be on the first resorts to open. There is a chance that the Governor can extend the stay at home order past the current April 30 date, but resorts are preparing for that to be the final day that their doors must remain closed.


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