Lautaro Guerra Wins Another PokerGO Tour PLO Title and Gets $228,000

Lautaro Guerra beat 111 opponents on March 16 2023 in the PokerGO Tour (PGT) Pot-Limit Omaha Series' Event No.5 and won $220,400. Yet, the poker pro extended his stellar performance and topped Event No.7: $15,000 PLO Bounty tournament winning $228,000.

His two latest victories earned him $448,400 in total and is currently leading the player of the series points race. Guerra amassed 235 PGT points and 228 points in Event No.7, thus getting 463 PGT points in total which increased his gap with second-place Sean Troha to 197 points. Besides getting the series lead, the pro improved his position in the PGT points race to the top five.

Guerra collected 720 Card Player Player of the Year (POY) points in the latest tournament and 600 points in his previous victory. So, he is the 63rd player in the 2023 POY standings.

What Did the Top Finalists Win?

  1. Lautaro Guerra Cabrerizo-$228,000; 720 POY points and 228 PGT points
  2. Isaac Kempton-$171,000; 600 POY points and 171 PGT points
  3. Alex Foxen-$125,400; 480 POY points and 125 PGT points
  4. Jesse Chinni-$102,600;360 POY points and 103 PGT points
  5. Johann Diaz-$85,500; 300 POY points and 86 PGT points
  6. Isaac Haxton-$68,400;240 POY points and 68 PGT points
  7. Robert Cowen-$57,000; 180 POY points and 57 PGT points

What Transpired at the Final Table?

PGT initially planned to hold the event in two days, but it lasted for a day. Its 114 entrants were drastically reduced to seven players who later formed the final table. Guerra leads in the chip standings with almost half the chips at the table.

Robert Cowen got busted first in the seventh position with $57,000 after Jesse Chinni's wheel beat his kings. Isaac Haxton followed Cowen in the sixth position after his middle set on the flop lost to Guerra's top set. The cooler earned Haxton $68,400 and it was his ninth time this year to reach a final table.

The player won three titles and has over $4.6 million in POY winnings. So, he holds the third position on the POY leaderboard.

Johann Diaz exited the tournament in fifth place. He used a double-suited medium rundown to move all-in while facing Guerra's double-suited broadway rundown. But the latter flopped a nut flush prompting the former to draw dead.

Unfortunately, the river and turn didn't help Diaz, and ended his run. Jesse Chinni lost many chips after Isaac Kempton's pair and flush draw beat his set of queens. The latter got hearts, leaving the former with 17 big blinds.

Chinni used the A-Q-5-4 rainbow to move all-in against Alex Foxen's double-suited J-J-9-9. The former got a chip advantage on a queen-high flop before Foxen got a set from a nine on the river. Chinni finished fourth with $102,000 and it was his second time to reach the series' final table.

Foxen's pocket aces lost to Guerra's turned trip threes and a blank on the river ended his run in third place. It was his seventh time this year to play at a final table. The Hendon Mob shows that he has $885,160 in POY earnings.

Even so, Foxen's elimination set up heads-up action between Guerra and Kempton. Guerra had an almost 6:1 chip advantage. But Kempton reduced the gap after doubling up on a cooler.

Guerra got the chip lead after getting a rivered flush. All chips got on the river on a 10Heart Suit7Heart Suit3Heart Suit7Spade Suit6Heart Suit board in the final hand as Kempton revealed AClub Suit9Spade Suit7Club Suit2Spade Suit for trips. Guerra used KClub SuitJClub Suit9Club Suit8Diamond Suit to get a ten-high straight that earned him the title and pot.

Kempton finished second with $171,000, his fourth-biggest poker career cash. Reports state that he has over $2.8 million in lifetime poker earnings.


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