MLB Odds: Betting Specials to Consider as the 2021 Season Begins

April 1 marks Major League Baseball’s Opening Day. It’s the start of another 162-game for MLB season, meaning sports bettors will have plenty of opportunities to wager on markets from single games to futures.

You can also add betting specials to that list. Like most other major sports, the MLB is no stranger to specials. If you’re unfamiliar with them, they’re a type of bet that doesn’t always have to do with the outcome of a game. Sometimes, they can be related to specific players or scenarios.

With the 2021 MLB Season begging, BetOnline has released a list of specials that range from whether or not there’ll be a perfect game this season to how many losses the last-place team will have when the season ends.

2021 MLB Specials

All odds via BetOnline as of Thursday, April 1

Most Hits by Any Player

  • Over 204.5 hits -110
  • Under 204.5 hits -110

Last season, Trea Turner led the MLB in hits with 78 in 59 games. Assuming he’d say health for an entire 162-game season, that would project to 214 hits. If you would rather look at things from a full season perspective, you have to go back to the 2019 MLB Season. Whit Merrifield led the league in hits that season, tallying 206. He was the only player to hit over 204.5.

Will a 2020 Last-Place Team Qualify for the 2021 Postseason?

  • Yes -165
  • No +125

Most Losses by Any Team in the 2021 MLB Season

  • Over 105.5 -110
  • Under 105.5 -110

The most recent MLB team to have 106 or more losses were the Detroit Tigers back in 2019. By the end of the season, the Tigers had lost 114 games, which is one of the worst totals in the last 100 years.

In the COVID-19-shortened 2020 MLB Season, the most losses any team had was 41 in 60 games by the Pittsburgh Pirates. That put them on pace to see 111 loves in a full MLB season. BetOnline is projecting that the Pirates may not even reach the 60-win mark this season, which would have them see 100+ losses.

How Many No-Hitters in the 2021 MLB Season?

  • Under 3 No-Hitters – 175
  • Over 3 No-Hitters – +135

No-hitters are some of the most exciting moments to witness in baseball. However, they can be rare to see. BetOnline is leaning towards there being less than three thrown this season at -175, which makes sense because of the skill it takes to make happen.

However, it’s not impossible for there to be more than three thrown this season. There were two no-hitters in the 2020 MLB Season, which had teams playing as many as 60 games instead of 162. There were four thrown in 2019 and three in the previous season.

Players Suspended for PEDs During 2021 Regular Season

  • Over 2.5 players -130
  • Under 2.5 players -110

Most Wins by Any MLB Pitcher

  • Under 20.5 wins -150
  • Over 20.5 wins +120

Most Home Runs by Any Player

  • Under 50.5 home runs -130
  • Over 50.5 home runs +100

Luke Voit led the MLB in home runs in 2020 with 22 in 56 games played. If he had played at that pace over 162 games, he would’ve been on-pace for 63+ home runs. While it’s not often that a player hits that many home runs, it’s still possible. However, this is about hitting more or less than 50.5 home runs.

In the last 10 full MLB seasons, at least one player has hit 51 or more home runs in three of them.

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