MLB Set To Announce Return-to-Play Plan

Major League Baseball executives have been working hard behind the scenes to create a plan to resume spring training and begin the regular season. Several proposals or ideas have been thrown out there, but it appears that the league has finally decided on a plan.

According to sources, Major League Baseball is planning to present a return-to-play plan with the MLB Players Association within the week. Teams have reportedly started to tell their players to prepare for a second spring training that is set to begin next month.

The 2020 Major League Baseball season is expected to start as early as July 1, but the league has yet to announce any changes to the schedule. There are still many hurdles that the league must overcome, but it does appear that Major League Baseball will be played in 2020.

Owners will first have to approve any plan before it can be presented to the Players Association. The Players Association will have to agree to the language in the plan, but it is not expected that the decision will be put up for a vote.

Sources have indicated that at least 12 teams have started to reach out to managers and players to have them begin to prepare. Other teams have encouraged their players to begin getting in shape in anticipation of this announcement.

A second spring training is expected to take place, and it could last up to a month. Teams will not report to Arizona or Florida, but will instead participate in Spring Training at their home ballparks.

Players from all over the country have continued to train at team facilities, and many live in the same city where they play their home games. Other players who are out of the country will have to begin to make plans to return to the United States, and they will need clearance.

There are still several health and safety concerns that could change the implementation of this plan, and Major League Baseball will have to work closely with state and local health officials. Some states currently have more restrictive shelter in place orders than other states who are beginning to open back up.

Salary will be another major point of discussion as this plan is implemented. Some owners have already suggested that they are hoping that the players will agree to pay cuts. Games will be played without fans, and owners are already losing out on millions of dollars with the cancellation of three months of games.

FanDuel Offering Baseball Betting on KBO, Taiwan League

Sportsbooks all over the country have started to look for other international leagues to offer bets. Live baseball is currently being played in both Taiwan and Korea, and FanDuel is offering odds for a majority of the games being played.

ESPN recently reached a deal with the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), and they are broadcasting one live game every day. For fans that are missing baseball, this is a great source of live entertainment.

FanDuel is also still offering future betting odds on several different bets associated with Major League Baseball. World Series odds have been posted as well as individual award winners.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees are both listed at +380 to win the World Series, making them the favorites. The Houston Astros are next at +750 despite the sign-stealing scandal that rocked the sport.

Mike Trout is listed as the favorite to win the American League MVP Award at +140. Mookie Betts is the favorite to win the National League MVP Award at +600.


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