Mobile Sports Betting Future Uncertain in New York State

The hardest hit state in the US regarding the coronavirus is New York. With over 84,000 people infected, the state has seen the brunt so far when it comes to dealing with infection. The state was in the process of considering mobile sports betting, but now face a deadly crisis. The hospitals in the state are overrun and temporary hospitals have went up in an effort to provide more space for those diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Update on Legislature

Every day in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo has delivered a briefing on the subject of the coronavirus and sometimes other matters. During this time, the state legislature was working passing a budget, which could include mobile sports betting. Spectrum Gaming Group is also supposed to provide a gaming market study to help the state’s Gaming Commission before the deadline set for yesterday.

While efforts have been made to get the ball rolling, the virus has caused a delay. Negotiations have moved forward as of yesterday but it does not look likely that mobile sports betting will be added to the state’s budget. The final report by Spectrum should be handed in by June 1st, so there is still time, but it looks unlikely that mobile gaming will move forward.

Plagued With Problems

In New York, legalizing any form of online gaming has continued to be a problem. Legislators have their own opinions as to if and how the option should take place and a consensus still seems far away. Then you have Governor Cuomo who feels that an amendment is needed for the constitution before the activity would be deemed legal.

If that is the case, then it would be a long time before mobile sports betting would come to fruition. It would be at least three years before the option could be added to the state if an amendment is needed and that is if everything went according to plan.

With an amendment in New York, two consecutive sessions of legislature are required before a statewide referendum will be included the next year.

Spectrum Gaming was chosen last year to begin the market study and they are to review sports betting in commercial casinos as well as sports betting expanded in video lottery gaming venues as well as off-track betting operations. They are also to consider the impact of online sports betting, the lottery and video poker.

With findings set to be received by the 1st of June, we may see that the group recommends that online sports betting move forward. If this is the case, it will be up to lawmakers to push for it to happen. Then of course, everyone has to be in agreement once again.

For now, it seems mobile sports betting is going to be tabled. With the coronavirus impacting the state in a major way, all eyes are on how to survive over the next few weeks as the virus continues to spread.

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