Mount Airy Casino Resort Fined for Promotion Violations

When it comes to casino operations, providers must operate within the regulations set in their licensing agreement. Across the United States, individual states offer casino gaming, from racinos to commercial venues. Each operator must adhere to regulations or they face penalties. Just recently, the Mount Airy Casino Resort was hit with a fine for being in violation of the regulations regarding free slot play. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board reviewed the situation and decided to fine the property $90,000.

Free Slot Play Violations

In general, casinos are allowed to provide complimentary slot game play in Pennsylvania. However, they must go about offering this option in a certain way. For the Mount Airy Casino Resort, the Gaming Control Board found that free play was provided by employees in larger amounts than what is allowed via Comp Matrix.

The Comp Matrix option includes guidelines that must be followed when it comes to issuing complimentary play on slot machines. Each employee who is authorized to do so has a maximum amount they can offer for a certain time period.

After an investigation was completed on the Mounty Airy property and its complimentary slot gaming promotions, it was discovered that employees exceeded the amounts allowed a total of 491 times. The total amount provided to players came in at just over $262,000. This amount included an alleged theft by an employee of $140,000.

The employee in question was essentially charged with a felony and will be prosecuted by the casino for the actions. It appears as though employees took advantage of the program and were giving away free play, most likely to friends or family members, which is a big no-no. Of course, this is just speculation, as it has not been officially detailed as to how the free play was provided.

Fining Operators

In each state where casino gaming is legalized, operators are allowed so much promotional spending. Programs vary based on location, but in all areas, operators are to adhere to protocols and regulations. If they do not, then fines like the one issued to Mount Airy will occur. Other issues can also lead to fines among operators.

This is not the first time Mounty Airy has faced a fine. Simple decisions or mistakes can lead to fines against an operator. One example of this is from early 2019, when the casino was fined $250,000 for not monitoring a patrons’ drink intake properly. A man was allowed an excessive amount to drink and ended up killing a jogger.

A few months prior to this incident, the casino was fined for allowing underage gaming and drinking. Underage individuals often try to sneak past security or use fake IDs to gain entry. The casino was fined $170,000 in this instance for allowing the minors to access the gaming floor and be served drinks.

Mount Airy, like many casinos that face such fines, always owns up to their actions, pays the fines and makes changes to ensure that employees and patrons will be safe and they work and visit the property.

Rebecca Kont
Rebecca Kont

Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and after completing her degree at Reynolds Journalism school joined the USGS team to pursue her journalism dreams.