Nevada Enrolls in Western States Pact

The state of Nevada continues to suffer through the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s still unclear when the state will be able to reopen their businesses. Some news did come on Monday afternoon after it was announced that Nevada has agreed to join the Western States Pact.

The Western States Pact was developed as a way for states in the western part of the United States to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. The states that are a part of the pact will share information and resources on how to stop the spread of the virus, and they will also work together to develop a plan to reopen their respective states.

Casinos, hotels, and resorts in Nevada remain shut down due to the virus, and they have been pleading with Governor Steve Sisolak to reopen. Even though joining this pact is a long way from lifting the stay-at-home order, at least it is a step in the right direction.

The Western States Pact was formed on April 13. Governors of California, Oregon, and Washington announced that they would join forces in an effort to fight the pandemic. The Western States Pact is also working together to analyze critical data in regards to the coronavirus, and giving governors some ideas about what states should be taken next.

Along with Nevada, Colorado will also be joining the Western States Pact, bringing the total number of states to five. Governor Sisolak issued a statement about joining the alliance on Monday, stating that the sharing of information will play a huge role in the state eventually opening back up.

All five governors of the states that make up the Western States Pact are from the Democratic Party. The pact has continued to abide by the principle that the health of their residents comes first when making any key decisions.

Four Goals

The Western States Pact has identified four key goals that all of the states will be working towards achieving. The first two goals emphasize the need to protect the vulnerable while also taking care of the sick.

The third goal focuses on limiting the non-direct impacts on each community and state. The fourth goal deals with protecting citizens even when reopening occurs by focusing on a plan that is based on testing, tracking, and isolating.

All four goals will play a huge role in the reopening of Nevada, and it’s most important city, Las Vegas. Residents and business owners will likely focus on the fourth goal and continue to put pressure on the state government to reopen.

Governor Sisolak issued his first stay at home order on March 17, and it was supposed to last through the end of the month. Another order was given before the end of March, and residents were ordered to stay inside through April. It appears that the stay at home order will be extended once again, but there is hope that it could be lifted at some point in May.

There are more than 356,000 people employed in the casino and entertainment industry in Nevada, and almost all of these people have either lost their jobs or have been furloughed. Several casinos have continued to pay their full-time employees through the closure, while others have terminated all employees.

The unemployment rate in Nevada spiked to 17 percent last week, as more than 370,000 people filed for unemployment. This is the highest unemployment rate in the history of the state, and there is fear that the number could be even greater over the next few weeks.

As of Monday, there have been 4,690 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Nevada. The death toll now stands at 206, with almost all of the deaths taking place in the Las Vegas area.


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