New Hampshire Moves Closer to Launching Sports Betting

In states across the US, lawmakers are working to make sports betting a reality. Several states have already launched services and many more want in on the action. In the past, sports betting was extremely limited in the nation, with basically Nevada the only region where players could post bets on their favorite players or teams. In May 2018, the US Supreme Court ruled that a federal ban on sports betting was no longer valid. This led to states making major changes to legislation in order to start offering services.

New Hampshire is now one of several states working to see sports betting come to life within their borders. According to the state Lottery, a total of 13 companies have submitted a response to a request for proposal to be approved to offer sports betting in the region.

Ready to Go

The responses show just how serious operators are in getting started in offering services in New Hampshire as well as the US in general. The request for proposal must include information from the operator as to how they would offer sports betting in the state.

Sports betting was legalized in July of this year in New Hampshire, with the state set to offer both land-based and online wagering. Proposals by operators can include information regarding operating land-based services, online options or both.

While the Lottery announced that 13 companies are vying for positioning in the new industry, the names of the applicants remain a mystery. Those applying must provide an oral presentation and be interviewed by regulators. It is expected that the interview process will begin next week or the following.

Covering the Basics

The Lottery was encouraged by the number of responses to the new industry as well as the quality of the proposals, according to Executive Director Charlie McIntyre. The Lottery now looks forward to reviewing the responses in a thorough manner to ensure the right decisions are made in launching the new industry system that will engage and protect players as well as bring in crucial revenues for education needs.

With the initial request for proposal, operators are only covering basic details. This includes who will operate services, where and how they will function. Financial investment information is not included. It is assumed that as the Lottery narrows down the choices, more details including how much will be invested by the operators will be revealed.

Once operational, New Hampshire will be one of the smallest states offering sports betting services. The only states offering services that have a smaller population are Rhode Island and Delaware. Both of these states already provide sports betting and rely on residents in neighboring states to drive traffic to sportsbooks.

New Hampshire could benefit from nearby Massachusetts as the states does not currently offer sports betting. Players could easily cross the New Hampshire border to place their bets.

We shall see in the coming weeks which operators are chosen by the Lottery to offer services in the state via the new betting industry.


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