New Jersey DraftKings Casino Reveals Kevin Hart Animated Poker Game

Kevin Hart is famous as an actor, comedian, and entrepreneur. Surprisingly, he is also invested in the gambling world. Even the casino owner and partypoker extraordinaire Rob Yong recognizes Kevin’s capabilities in the gambling world.

Last year, Rob described Kevin as the highest-stakes amateur player. He also expressed that he wanted Kevin to help him promote amateur poker.

Hart played the Larry Flynt’s Challenge Cup in 2010 and won the top prize of over $20k. He also played Mo’s Deepstack No-Limit Hold’em in 2008, becoming second to win over $16k.

Now, Hart is in partnership with DraftKings. This partnership will see poker players play heads-up against Hart in a new game called Hart-Race Hold’em.

The poker variant is available to New Jersey players playing at DraftKings Casino. Players must be 21 or older and be physically in New Jersey to play the game.

Hart-Race Hold’em is a game featuring an animated version of Kevin standing at a poker table. It is an in-house game. It is user-friendly and, most importantly, entertaining.

Ideally, Hart-Race Hold’em has similar rules to Texas Hold’em. The difference is that Hart-Race poker has in-game bonuses that increase players’ chances of winning. Also, the game features Kevin’s animated gestures and competitive energy.

How Is Gameplay?

Hart-Race Hold’em is a mimic of a heads-up battle with Kevin. The game opens with a scene of a street view of the DK Comedy Club. There is also a marquee that announces: “Playing Tonight! Kevin Hart”.

The marquee is followed by a tutorial on how to play the game, giving players a fair chance with Hart. Ideally, the game starts with players making a bet of their choice, followed by Hart dealing two hole cards to himself and the player.

Usually, Kevin plays all in. Players can choose to fold and lose their bet or go all-in. Kevin will deal the turn, flop, and river when you decide to go all in as he throws some of his one-line comments.

You can lose your hand or win and double your bet. Kevin will subtly wish you luck before the games begin. However, his wish also comes with a line stating that he has already won.

There are several other lines thrown into the game. Players can expect over 1001 lines.

Hart-Race Hold’em also has a bonus. The bonus is triggered when the player loses to a full house, aces full, or a four-of-a-kind or better.

This game is excellent for players looking for a modification to the monotonous online slots and still want to avoid playing live casino. It subtly represents online slots and live casinos without overly bending to one side.

Not the First Partnership Between Hart and DraftKings

The first publicized partnership between Hart and DraftKings dates back to 2022. The comedian became a spokesperson for the sportsbook. He also promoted the firm’s football contest called Reignmakers.

The previous partnership saw Kevin do the Super Bowl commercial. The advert explained to players how they could wager on the National Football League (NFL) Championship. DraftKings bought the ad for $7 million.


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