New Jersey Sets New Industry Record

New Jersey is clearly the new sports betting capital of the U.S., and the numbers in September provide even more evidence. September’s sports betting handle in the state was $748.6 million, setting a new industry record throughout the United States.

New Jersey had originally set a new record in August, but the September numbers were way more impressive. Total sports betting handle actually increased by more than 12 percent in August, paving the way for these historic figures last month.

New Jersey posted a total sports betting handle of $667.9 million in August, which shattered the industry record. The state was expected to continue to produce impressive numbers in September, but an $80 million increase surpassed expectations.

Before New Jersey started to dominate the sports betting industry in the United States, it was Nevada that led the way. In November 2019, Nevada posted a sports betting handle of $614.1 million, which was then a record.

September is traditionally a massive month for the sports betting industry as the National Football League kicks off its season around this time. Bettors were even more ready to get action on NFL games in September as a large percentage of people had no betting options for more than three months due to COVID shutdowns.

At the end of September, Tipico launched its sports betting services in New Jersey, providing another significant name brand for bettors in that state. Tipico is the leading sportsbook operator in Germany.

Mobile Sportsbooks Dominating Market

The biggest reason that New Jersey has been able to post such impressive numbers is due to its mobile sports betting industry. New Jersey allows bettors to register for these apps remotely, and the state draws a large percentage of bettors from New York and other surrounding states.

Mobile betting accounted for $678.7 million of the total sports betting handle during the month of September, and this figure also shattered a previous record. Mobile betting was up almost 82 percent from September 2019 to September 2020, and the large amount of online operators has helped to lead the way in New Jersey.

New Jersey also saw an increase of almost 20 percent in mobile sports betting revenue year-over-year. The state was flooded with operators when sports betting launched, but New Jersey has been able to continue to attract some of the biggest names in the sports betting industry.

Overall gaming revenue in New Jersey actually dropped by almost one percent from August to September, but the sports betting numbers remain strong.

Records Set in Other States

New Jersey might have set a new industry record in September, but it was not the only state to post some impressive numbers. Three other states have already announced the September figures, and all three have seen tremendous growth.

Iowa posted a sports betting handle total of $72.4 million during September, which was an increase of almost 44 percent from August. Iowa has an in-person registration requirement in place, and that has kept the state from really taking off.

West Virginia has had an interesting start to its sports betting industry, but the Mountaineer State reported a total sports betting handle of $76.9 million in September. This is an increase of more than 90 percent from August, when the state brought in $40.4 million.

Indiana has emerged as the sports wagering leader in the Midwest Region of the United States, showing an increase of almost 23 percent in September. Indiana reported a sports betting handle of $207.45 million last month, making it one of the biggest markets in the United States.


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