Odd Las Vegas Behavior Continues as Naked Woman Cuts Power to Circa Casino

You know the old saying ‘What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas’? For many that is true. Party all you want, win a ton of cash, and have fun, then go back to your normal life. However, for some, Las Vegas brings out strange behavior. A recent visitor to Sin City is a prime example of how decisions can go wrong. Alissa Neeley was arrested this week after getting naked and breaking into a control room, shutting down the power to the Circa Casino.

Details of the Bizarre Incident

Early Tuesday, the 28-year-old female was booked at the Clark County Detention Center. She faces one charge of theft of a fire prevention device. She was released and must stay away from the Circa Casino. A court date is set for late March.

Neeley was staying at the Circa Casino on Monday and around 9:30 pm, she was kicked out of the property after she was seen walking around the hotel without clothes on. She was completely naked and was also seen entering rooms that are available to employees only.

You would think that after being kicked out for being undressed, Neeley would have found a new hotel. But she decided to act out instead. Around 30 minutes after she was removed from the casino hotel, the power went out at the Circa.

The casino, hotel, and parking garage were completely dark. With the power outage, fire alarms were nonfunctioning along with the elevators, and slot machines. A maintenance employee trying to fix the issue came across a naked woman sitting in a chair in a secure control room.

The woman was later identified as Neeley. She was placed in handcuffs and taken into custody by the Las Vegas Metro Police. It is still unknown at this time as to how she was able to enter the secured room. Neeley did not speak to the police after she was arrested.

Long Outage

It took around three hours for the power to be restored at the casino property. It would remain off until around 1 am on Tuesday. Angela Ciciriello, a spokeswoman for the casino, said that the incident is isolated.

The casino has not implemented more security measures so that the facilities remain protected. Because of the woman’s behavior, she caused $5,000 in damages. The control panel was subject to bent switches and some wires were disabled.

The power being delayed was also an issue. Other guests were unable to do anything due to the lack of light in the building and because games and other items were not working.

This incident is just another one to add to the long list from 2020 regarding odd behavior in Las Vegas. The city has been plagued with fights and shootings, with visitors coming from out of town and wreaking havoc in the area.

For months now, an increased police presence has been seen in the city to try and stop this odd behavior from taking place. Incidents are still occurring but they do seem to be more limited than they were in the late summer and fall months last year.

Conor Stack
Conor Stack

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