Opening Odds to Win the 2021 NBA Championship

The 75th Season of the most prominent Basketball League, the NBA, has been scheduled to start on the 18th of January, 2021. It is expected to be the first season without any player who was drafted or played in the 1990s. The season looks to be very exciting as many teams have already restructured their coaching units, and many others plan on adding impressive youngsters as well as experienced players to their ranks in preparation.

Odds for the 2021 NBA Championship is now available for wagers to be placed.

Odds to win the 2021 NBA Championship

Los Angeles Lakers | 350

Los Angeles Clippers | 550

Golden State Warriors | 700

Milwaukee Bucks | 800

Brooklyn Nets | 1200

Miami Heat | 1200

Boston Celtics | 1400

Denver Nuggets | 2000

Toronto Raptors | 2000

Houston Rockets | 2500

Philadelphia 76ers | 2500

Dallas Mavericks | 2800

Portland Trail Blazers | 4000

Utah Jazz | 4000

Phoenix Suns | 6000

New Orleans Pelicans | 6600

Oklahoma City Thunder | 8000

Chicago Bulls | 10000

Memphis Grizzlies | 10000

Atlanta Hawks | 12500

Indiana Pacers | 12500

Washington Wizards | 12500

Cleveland Cavaliers | 25000

Detroit Pistons | 25000

Minnesota Timberwolves | 25000

Orlando Magic | 25000

Sacramento Kings | 25000

San Antonio Spurs | 25000

New York Knicks | 30000

Charlotte Hornets | 50000

Los Angeles Lakers odds

The LeBron James and Anthony Davies led Los Angeles Lakers will be marching into the 2021 NBA season with lots of confidence as defending champions after dominating the competition last season. It doesn’t seem like they will be slowing down anytime soon as the elite pair has established dominance in the league, making the Lakers the favorites to win a second title in succession and the 18th in their history.

Los Angeles Clippers odds

Despite blowing a 3-1 win in the playoffs last season to the Denver Nuggets, the Los Angeles Clippers are still expected to provide the most competition to title favorites, Lakers. They come in as second favorites tailing the champions with a +550 odd.

Surprises in the 2021 NBA Championship odds

For the most part, the odds released are not surprising, except for a few. One of the most surprising is that of the Miami Heat, who made it to the finals last season but still had relatively far worse odds than the Milwaukee Bucks, whom they had beaten in the playoffs of the same season.

Despite having been one of the top favorites to win last season and having some highly-rated players, the Philadelphia 76ers have been taken far down the odds list-making people wonder if they will overturn the odds.

Two other teams that should be looked out for are the Brooklyn Nets and Golden State Warriors. The Warriors had failed to prove any impact last season as they were dealt with severe injury blows.

Do the Warriors stand a chance?

Injuries to Draymond Green, Stephen Curry, and Klay Thompson lead to the Golden State Warrior missing out if the Playoffs and ended their 2019-2020 campaign with the worst record in their NBA history.

The return of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green imply that the Warriors could pose a threat in the 2021 NBA season, especially after having long rests on the sidelines. It is no surprise they were named third favorites with an odd of +700.

Brooklyn Nets Odds

The Brooklyn Nets, with their odd of +1200, are also a significant threat as they expect the return of arguably the best duo in the NBA, in persons of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. One can’t say if the duo will be together as Irving has a history of chronic injuries in his career.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant should be fit in time for the start of the 2021 NBA season, and if the duo can maintain top form throughout the season, the Brooklyn Nets stands a good chance of winning the 2021 championship with +1200 odds.

Miami Heat Underrated?

Despite making it to the 2020 NBA finals, the Miami Heat are down on the list of teams to win the 2021 NBA championship. They have been given +1200 odds to win the championship.

The Miami Heat should be proud of their performance at the 2020 NBA Championship; against all odds, they fought their way up to the NBA Finals. Injuries to Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo in the finals adversely affected their chances of winning and ultimately result in the loss of the championship. On a positive note, they were able to take the finals up to game 6.

The trio of Jimmy Butler, Goran Dragic, and Bam Adebayo has the potential to drive the Miami Heats to a successful 2021 NBA championship campaign despite been handed an unfavorable odds of +1200.

The odds have been based on last season’s performance and current expectations from teams. With the NBA Draft at the corner and the free agency negotiations expected to begin on October 18th, it’s imperative to state that expectations might change soon as teams begin to look/become stronger.

Who will be crowned the 2021 NBA Champions? Will the favorites, Lakers, successfully defend their crown? Will we have an underdog rise to the top? We will find out soon enough.


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