Paris Casino’s Power Outage in Las Vegas Blamed on Rodents

When visiting any type of business, you expect it to meet certain standards, such as having power. This may seem like a given, but sometimes, businesses are affected by power outages and consumers are left literally in the dark. On the Las Vegas Strip, the Paris Casinos was subject to a power outage that left visitors stumbling around in the dark for several. According to NV Energy, it was eventually confirmed that the outage was due to switch damage by rodents.

Chewed Up Wires

The Paris Casino along with 15 other customers of NV Energy were affected in the neighborhood when the power went out on Thursday. The Casino along with the fountains of the Bellagio were dark. Guests were not happy about the outage in general but then complaints started rolling in about how the casino responded. Hotel guests accused the casino of now effectively communicating during the outage.

Some guests reported they were told by the casino via phone call that they were to go down to the casino floor. As guests left their room, they were greeted by dark hallways without lit up exit signs. Flashlights on mobile devices had to be used to get around safely.

Players were reportedly told to evacuate the building due to the power outage, while players on the casino floor remained. The casino floor had full power, including lighting. Why the guests of the hotel were not allowed to stay on the casino outage is a big question and one that guests would like answered.

The Power Outage

The power went out at the Paris Casino just after 7pm on Thursday and was not cut back on until almost 10pm. Apparently, the switch box that transfers the power to the establishments, including the Paris Casino, were chewed up and damaged by rodents. The electricity department employees had to repair the damage before power could be brought back to the facilities.

Rodents are apparently a big problem in Las Vegas right now. Reports have stated that more calls are coming in for rodent control. It seems that because the restaurants were closed and scraps were not going to outside dumpsters, the rats have tried to find new food sources.

In the past, as the restaurants were open, food scraps were dumped outside. The free food was prime dining for the rodents. However, once the facilities closed up, there were no more food scraps coming in. The virus essentially led to an influx of rats in the area and they are getting inside other buildings as they try to find food. The rats are going where the people are which is not good for the people or businesses.

Even now, as restaurants are at a lower capacity, they are not throwing away the same amount of food as before. This has created a problem that businesses are hoping that pest control services can solve. If not, there may be more issues like the power outage at the Paris Casino as rats find a home somewhere else.


Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and after completing her degree at Reynolds Journalism school joined the USGS team to pursue her journalism dreams.