Parx Casino Opens Brick and Mortar Sportsbook

Sports betting is growing quickly across the United States and new sportbooks are opening up and apps being launched. Players will soon have access to sport betting in areas across the nation as more and more states begin to approve legislation to legalize the industry. Pennsylvania is one state that is already offering online and land-based sports betting and recently, yet another operator opened the doors to their brick and mortar facility.

Parx Casino Sportsbook

On August 8th, the Parx Casino held a ribbon cutting ceremony for their new sportsbook venue. The property cost $10 million to create and opened just in time for the preseason football games. The company already launched their app for online sports betting earlier this week and now can provide on-site betting as well.

While the sportsbook is now open, it is not the first time that Parx has offered sports betting. Back in January, the casino used their 360 Lounge and created a temporary spot for wagering. The goal was to get started with betting but offering visitors a whole lot more once their new venue was opened.

Parx is calling the new sportsbook the largest and ‘most state-of-the-art’ new facility in America. The property is looking to set the industry standard as they begin offering services in the new venue.  The sportsbook is located next to the Beer Garden and the Liberty Bell Gastropub. Players will find 7,400 square feet of space with a 156-foot HD media wall that has the ability to showcase up to 36 games at one time.

Visitors can place wagers via six live tellers or use one of eighteen kiosks to place bets themselves. There are 200 seats in the venue and as many as 422 people can be inside the book at one time. The bar of the space is quite large and can accommodate as many as 38 people.

The sportsbook is open 24/7 so players can visit it at any time. Based on the sport schedules at the time, the property will offer 10 to 16 hours of live teller assistance each day of the week. When tellers are not present, the self-service kiosks can be used. These kiosks are also located on the casino floor.

The first visitors to the new sportsbook were give a $25 free bet if they created an online sports betting account and deposited $25 in it. The promotion was offered to players onsite as well as those who already have an online account at the site.

Sports Betting Success

Pennsylvania has seen success already in their sports betting industry but having the new and larger sportsbooks open such as the one at the Parx Casino is going to help with revenue numbers. The online sites should also help to push revenues into a totally new category. It has been proven in other states, particularly New Jersey, that online gambling is the preferred method for players.

Now that Parx offers a larger on-site venue and online app for sports betting, they should see a significant increase in the amount of revenues they pull in each month.


Logan is based in Los Angeles and is an avid poker player having played in tournaments across the globe. He covers both poker & regulatory affairs.