Poarch Band of Creek Indians Propose Gambling Expansion for Alabama

The Poarch Band of Creek Indians (PCI) have officially released a public awareness campaign in an effort to see a gambling expansion for Alabama. The tribe already operates casinos in the state and now has an idea to boost coffers with Class III gaming along with the launch of a lottery.

Massive estimates for the state

The proposal, titled Winning for Alabama, would provide a massive increase of cash flow within the state. the proposal would see Poarch Creek sign a compact with the state where the tribe has exclusive rights to gaming. The agreement would allow the tribe to operate Class III gaming, which would be traditional casino gaming.

According to estimates submitted by the tribe, more than $1bn would be paid to the state after the first year of operation. A total of $725m would be contributed from licensing fees and the exclusivity deal. Close to $350m would be provided in annual taxes due to new development and revenue sharing from the Class III games launched at the existing gaming sites of the tribe.

Poarch Creek has plans to develop two additional first-class gaming and tourism sites that will offer unlimited gaming. Options would include craps, blackjack and other table games, plus sports betting. The sites would also be home to hotels and restaurants, spas and additional amenities.

Lottery included

Also covered in the comprehensive plan by Poarch Creek is a clean lottery for Alabama. This type of lottery would provide significant additional revenues, funds not included in the projections provide by the tribe.

Back in the spring, Senator Greg Albritton sponsored a clean lottery bill that was approved by the Senate. However, the lower chamber defeated the bill. The Senator had estimated that with his legislation, the state could see as much as $170m in annual revenues from the lottery.

On top of the additional revenue from the lottery, the plan by the tribe would create thousands of new employment positions within the new development, along with the Class III gaming. The new developments the tribe would create would be located in the northern portion of the state.

Stephanie Bryan, the PCI CEO and Tribal Chair, commented that the tribe has long believed that gaming has an economic power that should be strategically used to provide opportunities for Alabama residents.

According to Ms. Bryan, the plan would do just that and the tribe is:

‘committed to making sure that or positions on gaming and our commitment to helping improve the quality of life in Alabama are clear’.

Fighting misinformation

The Winning for Alabama campaign was released just after the Poarch Creek Accountability Now group. The PCI have stated the anonymous group is a campaign of misinformation. The tribe has started the Winning for Alabama website to provide facts to counter the misinformation released.

The website also provides a platform for citizens in the state to provide their opinions on gaming issues and have their voices heard. The tribe is hopeful that the information they are providing will push citizens and legislators to consider a plan for gaming that will have a positive economic impact on the state.


Logan is based in Los Angeles and is an avid poker player having played in tournaments across the globe. He covers both poker & regulatory affairs.