New Bounty Poker Tour Heads to Tallin this March

Poker players are always excited to hear about new festivals or events offering quality tournament gaming. Just this week, we learned that a new poker festival is starting this March, titled the Bounty Poker Tour. The new festival will begin on March 19th and offer gaming through the 22nd, at Olympic Park Casino in Tallinn.

Details of the Festival

Tallinn is a popular spot for poker so it makes sense that the new tour would start their gaming at this location. This tournament series is going to be different than the traditional options offered around the world as it focuses on the bounty element. Players can collect a bounty in both progressive or normal formats, offering something for everyone to explore.

With the Bounty Poker Tour, the main event will run from March 20th through the 22nd. This event will have a €880 buy-in and will have a bounty on players heads set at €400. This price point is quite appealing as normally, bounties would be set at around €100.

The tournament has a progressive bounty structure, so every time a player is eliminated, the individual who knocked them out will receive half the bounty. The other half will be added to the player’s own bounty. So, as the tournament progresses, players can win even more bounty cash by taking out those who have accrued a higher bounty due to knocking players out of the competition.

The event will only have one opening day and will provide players with 80,000 in starting chips. Blinds will increase every 30 minutes. Players have the ability to re-enter on the first day and through the first level of day 2. At this point, the blind levels will increase to every 40 minutes.

Players will also have the opportunity to earn a seat to the main event via satellites. On March 19th, the festival will host a €170 Bounty Satellite with a €50 bounty. On the 20th, there will be a €220 Bounty Satellite offering a €100 bounty.

Side Action

Along with the Main Event, the Bounty Poker Tour will also offer plenty of side action. Players will find the Opener has a moderate buy-in of €330 and a bounty of €100 while another €330 event, the Ultra Bounty, will up the bounty amount to €200. Additional events on the schedule include the Bounty Poker Tour Olympic Special which will have a buy-in of €440 and a €200 progressive bounty.

The website of the Bounty Poker Tour currently only has the Tallinn event on their schedule. It will be interesting to see how well received the new festival is by players and if more tour stops are announced in the future. It may be that organizers are waiting to see the turnout in Tallinn before planning more tour stops for 2020.

Only time will tell, but for now, it is exciting to see new opportunities for poker players via exciting poker festivals!

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett