Rye Park Gaming Announces Steps Up to Offer PPE Equipment for the Industry

Rye Park Gaming (RPG) is a manufacturing and sales company that focuses on live table games. The company creates poker tables and blackjack tables as well as player seating, etc. Since the casino industry is about to be back up and running in several states, the company has shifted gears and is starting to create personal protective equipment that will be helpful for social distancing.

The company is offering a table layout disinfectant solution, acrylic dividers for live table games, machines for chip cleaning and other options. The products can be used by casinos to provide a healthier and safe environment for guests and employees.

Acrylic Dividers for Distance

At the table games like blackjack and baccarat, acrylic dividers can be added to help players and employees feel more comfortable. It separates the players from each other and the dealer. Distance is required among individuals in general due to the coronavirus. As the disease can be spread from droplets that are in the air after speaking, laughing or coughing, the dividers help to minimize the risk.

RPG can create the dividers quickly and ship them out based on customized measurements to fit any casino’s table games. Because casinos have to adhere to different guidelines based on where they are, RPG has the ability to provide what is needed when such dividers must be installed.

Randy Ying is the president of Rye Park Gaming who stated that the company hopes the new PPE Product line will help casinos be able to tackle Covid-19 challenges and maximize profitability. The company is helping by consulting with casino operators to create their own protection plan. Most casinos must send a plan to their regulator before gaining approval to reopen once it is allowed.

Instilling Safety Measures

Across the United States, casino operators and regulators are working on health and safety plans to get back to work. Social distancing and mask wearing are playing a vital role. For many casinos, only employees are required to wear a face mask. However, many places that started off that way are now backtracking.

Take Nevada for example. The state’s casinos reopened on June 4 and only required employees to wear masks. Once people started getting out and enjoying the casinos, it was clear that patrons were not wearing masks, even though it was encouraged by the venues. Changes were made to then require table game players to wear masks.

Then just a few days later, the state mandated that anyone out in public must wear a mask. This has been the case for other states like North Carolina as the pandemic continues to be an issue.

It has yet to be seen how the reopening of casinos and other non-essential businesses will affect states across the US. In many areas, cases of Covid-19 are increasing. The hope is that people will wear masks and practice social distancing so that the spread can slow down.


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