Single-Game Sports Betting in Canada – What to Expect

The news that single-game sports betting is about to become legal across Canada is not only welcomed, but also overdue. Up until now, it has forced Canadians to become creative with the way in which they managed to place bets, so bringing it all out into the open will quickly remove some of that stress for individuals.

The Legislative Issue

But first, what’s the actual problem? Well, it all focuses on Section 202 of the Criminal Code of Canada. This is where single-game betting is ruled illegal, and that is what is being changed. Also, the same section bans gambling businesses across Canada. However, it’s not as clear-cut as all of that. Instead, you need to think about the different provinces and how they will then interpret changes in the code to their area. This is similar to how changes have happened over the border in the US.

What You Can Expect

All of this legal jargon is fine, but what can you actually expect? Well, it seems that the likes of Ontario has set aside some of their budget for dealing with iGaming. This will open the door to private companies being able to operate within that industry. Other Provinces are likely to follow suit.

Furthermore, it is anticipated that the idea of iGaming would then fall under the auspices of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission, and this is key. It’s important simply because this commission looks after the likes of horse racing, so it is hoped that this move will allow things to move more quickly.

Ontario is at the Heart

It’s perhaps no surprise to discover that Ontario is at the heart of these moves. Previously, they have included room in their budget for iGaming, but other legislation prevented any movement in that area. However, it is within their budget that would allow for those private businesses involved in the iGaming market to also move into sports betting under the same code. Other Provinces may well seek to follow the same approach.

But What About the Consumer?

While details are still somewhat scant when it comes to what this all means for the consumer, it’s fair to say that a more open market is going to prove to be a good thing. The privatization of various monopolies is not new. Both local government and the government of Canada have looked into this on several occasions, so there is some historical precedence if it’s the private route that is decided.

Basically, people in Canada can rightfully expect new betting opportunities to arise, and for this chance to occur in the near future. Parlay sports betting that already exists across Canada will soon have some competition. The big names in the US industry, such as DraftKings as an example, are all primed and ready to step in and to seek to take over a market that has some real potential.

Exactly how long this will all take, and the exact outcome, is still unclear. However, hold onto your hats because the days of single-game sports betting in Canada is about to happen.


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