South Dakota’s Sports Betting Ballot: What You Need to Know Before Voting

South Dakota is among one of several states that will decide whether to permit sports betting next week. The other states include Louisiana and Maryland. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the ballot isn’t a final determinant that sports betting will launch in Dakota in the near future. The simple yes or no validation provides a framework for the legislature to take further action on sports betting bills.

The state of South Dakota is also looking forward to voting on regulating marijuana on the same ballot. Legalizing sports betting and marijuana will be beneficial to the state in terms of revenues, even though only less than a million people reside in the area. Here are a few things that you need to know before voting.

What Is South Dakota Constitutional Amendment B?

South Dakota Constitutional Amendment B looks forward to increasing the number of games allowed in Deadwood and include several other wagering options. Deadwood currently allows its residents to play roulette, keno, craps, and slot machines. Deadwood is historically a gaming town with a reputation for native American casinos. Passing the Constitutional Amendment B would mean allowing other commercial sports betting entities to explore the South Dakota market in the near future.

When Should We Expect Real Sports Betting to Begin in South Dakota?

If the constitutional amendment is passed in South Dakota by the majority, sports betting will likely officially launch sometime in the next year. The legislators still have to introduce laws that will regulate operations and taxes in the newly-created gambling industry. Moreover, operators’ licensing and promulgation take at least six months in any state after the gambling bill assents into law. More crucially, the lawmakers in the region still have to lay a legal framework for online betting if it passes too.

Online sports betting is gaining popularity across many states in recent months. South Dakota’s population is sparse, and they are likely more inclined to the legalization of statewide mobile betting. In established gambling markets like Pennsylvania and New Jersey, online wagering accounts for up to 90% of active bets in mature markets.

Will South Dakota Approve Sports Betting?

Gambling outside the town of Deadwood is a controversial debate in the region that won’t seem to end any time soon. Thus, predicting South Dakota’s fate in sports betting is difficult. Republican politicians also share differing views about sports betting, saying it is a stumbling block that will skyrocket gambling addiction. However, Senator Bob Ewing urges the locals to pass the amendment as it will open up Deadwood and other parts of the state for further development.

The industry analysts seem to be worried about something else besides the politically charged amendment. South Dakota’s residents are already deep into illegal gambling with unlicensed and unregulated bookmakers. Offshore betting sites also provide an illegal avenue for the residents to indulge in gambling. Bettors from another 49 states also engage in unlawful gambling.

Therefore, the main concern is whether a bolster yes would prevail since South Dakota residents already love to gamble, or the state politicians will bury the amendment at the legislation stage.


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