Teens Transported to Nevada Under Suspicion of Las Vegas Strip Shooting

Over the past few weeks, the Las Vegas Strip has been plagued with violent acts. From shootings to brawls, police are constantly being called out to the Strip to deal with such behavior. One recent incident took place near the Flamingo and left a shooting victim paralyzed. Now, police in California have sent two teenagers to Nevada as they are the suspected individuals behind the shooting.

Teens the Possible Shooters

Nineteen-year old’s Christian Miller and David Preston were arrested in California just two hours after a shooting took place on the Strip near the Flamingo hotel and casino. The incident took place on September 27. The teens were taken to Las Vegas last week based on an arrest warrant.

Video footage showed two men arguing with another man around 11pm on the sidewalk located near the Flamingo. The two men followed the other man and then shot him in the chest. The victim was visiting from Washington state and is now paralyzed.

The Flamingo was put on lockdown after the incident took place. The suspects went to their room at the Flamingo after the shooting, according to police reports. Because police were looking for the suspects, the casino was locked down for a few hours to try and keep them inside.

A security guard of the property reported seeing two men carrying a gun in the garage of the Cromwell around 9:30 pm. The guard then called the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Officers did question both teens but released them soon after because they did not fit the guard’s description of the individuals they saw.

The body camera of the officer showed Miller and Preston were a match for the suspects in the shooting case. The men were seen near a vehicle that had California licenses plates. On the night of the incident, the car driven by Baker was pulled over in California for driving 94 mph. It was at this time that the incident was connected to the shooting in Las Vegas.

Searching the Suspects

When the two men were picked up by police in California, the car they were driving was searched. Police found a weapon in the vehicle that appeared to match the one used in the shooting. It was a copy of a Glock with no serial number.

The two were held in California and then transferred to Las Vegas. Preston was released on bail at $25,000. Miller remains in custody and does not have any bail options. Evidence in the case is currently being gathered to be used to prosecute the two men.

This seems to be one of a few arrests that in cases involving shootings in Las Vegas. Apparent gang and drug activity in the region has led to an increase in violence on the Strip. Police have upgraded their patrol routes and have officers on foot as well as in vehicles to try and stop any more shooting incidents as well as other violent acts from taking place in the busy tourist area.


Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and after completing her degree at Reynolds Journalism school joined the USGS team to pursue her journalism dreams.