UNITE HERE To Picket in Las Vegas at Station Casino Properties Today

Anyone visiting Las Vegas today will find the area quite interesting as over 1,000 individuals are set to picket casinos in the area due to union issues. A few Station Casino properties are not working with employees who want to unionize and the UNITE HERE union is going to hit the streets to give their fellow co-workers a voice. The Palms Casino Resort is going to be hit with picketers this evening as the group works to bring recognition to the issue.

Picketing Tonight

The UNITE HERE union will see over 1,000 members of the Culinary Union Local 226 gather outside the casino this evening for one hour as they hope to have their voices heard by the public and be recognized by their employer.

Those in charge at the Palms are not recognizing the legal vote by employees of the venue to unionize. This move has led to the picketing for this evening and allegations of the casino being in violation of federal employment laws. Because those in charge are not listening to the employees and confirming the vote, the National Labor Relations Board are now involved.

The Board has taken the union fight to court as Station Casinos have refused to negotiate terms of a union contract with the employees of the Palms. The Board is now seeking recognition in a legal manner.

According to members of the Culinary Union, the Station Casinos have stated they would always respect the rights of their employees if they chose to organize and vote for a union. However, once the workers at the Palms voted by 84% to unionize, the company then tried to overturn the vote and have refused to negotiate.

Working to Unionize

Reportedly, six casinos of the group have seen employees trying to unionize. During the process, they have all found resistance from Station Casinos. Venues include Boulder Station, Green Valley Ranch and Palace Station along with the Palms and Sunset Station plus Fiesta Rancho.

Because the executives of Station Casinos are not recognizing union efforts, the company is now in hot water. They may end up losing their licensing or have even more drama on their hands as the legal battle is most likely not going to end in their favor. The unions are protected by law and businesses are not able to deny workers their right to unionize if they so choose.

Employees of Station Casinos have become so frustrated that they are now hitting the streets to picket. The act will be seen by the public eye and most likely covered by news outlets. The message will be loud and clear and not what Station Casinos will want to see their company reflected as.

Hopefully, the operator will come to their senses and work things out with their employees. It only will be negative publicity for the company and consumers might not be interested in visiting their properties if they are not going to treat their employees fairly.

Rebecca Kont
Rebecca Kont

Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and after completing her degree at Reynolds Journalism school joined the USGS team to pursue her journalism dreams.