Violence Continues on the Las Vegas Strip with Circus Circus Shooting

With shootings and fights breaking out almost every weekend on the Las Vegas Strip, it seems that the violence may never end. Just this past weekend, yet another incident of violence took place, this time with a shooting that injured three people. On Saturday evening, a single gunman opened fire at the Adventuredome of the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino.

The Incident

At around 7:30 pm on November 7, the shooting took place inside the amusement park of the Circus Circus. A fight took place between two groups, most of which were considered juveniles. Police said that three victims of the shooting were taken to the hospital and were in stable condition. A person of interest was taken into custody the same day and legal charges may be filed. Officers are saying that the incident was isolated.

Visitors of the casino were scared when the incident took place. Some were evacuated based on their location to the shooting after the gunshots were fired. Guests were shaken up after the incident. Some people were visibly upset and crying due to the incident.

Many people were scared due to the violence that has taken place on the Strip over the past few weeks. Hearing gunshots brought out a flight or fight response in many who were on edge after the incident. Thankfully, there were plenty of cops nearby, so the response was fast after the gunshots were fired.

Increase in Assaults

There are more cops nearby due to the number of incidents taking place in the region. By September, reports indicated that aggravated assaults on the Strip have increased by just under 29%. This is a big difference and seems to stem from out-of-town visitors.

Las Vegas reopened casinos in June and have tried to bring back visitors amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The region relies on out of town visitors, but most those who fly in from other states. With travel not taking place as it normally would be due to the pandemic, the casinos are relying on the people who drive in from neighboring towns and states.

Because Las Vegas offers dining, casino gaming and drinking, it has become a hot spot of sorts for troublemakers over the past few months. Gang members are taking advantage of the nighttime atmosphere and several shootings have taken place in various areas across the city.

Because of the increase in violence, the casinos have taken precautions as well as police. Some casinos have decided to limit weekend guests to those who have dinner reservations or are reward club members. Others have hired additional security even K9s to help weed out potential troubling guests.

The Metro police have upped their patrols, with some officers patrolling on foot and others on the streets in vehicles. The goal is to have enough police officers out and about that any violent activity will not take place due to the police presence. If something does happen, it takes no time for officers to respond as there is always someone in the area.

Overall, everyone would like to see the Strip as well as Las Vegas as a whole get back to normal. Traditional tourism is returning so if police can get a handle on the violence, the trend should continue.

Rebecca Kont
Rebecca Kont

Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and after completing her degree at Reynolds Journalism school joined the USGS team to pursue her journalism dreams.