Will 2021 Might be a Big Year for Texas Gambling Industry? Experts think so

As the 2020 curtains fall, many gamblers are anticipating a prosperous 2021, which is due in a few days. The end of 2020 also signifies a decade dominated by iGaming upturns, heated debates on gaming regulations, slithering covid19, and hosting decisive elections in the USA. However, the iGaming industry is still new. Some states like Texas are in an iGaming dilemma while others are tapping its full potential! So how will the gaming industry look like in Texas next year?

Few exceptions exist amid the strictest gambling laws in Texas

Texas is the most challenging place a gambler can call home. Right now, there is no legal real money online casino operating under Texas’ territory! But, there are” two special land-based casinos” in Eagles Pass and Livingston. Still, that isn’t enough to quench the ever-hungry gamblers.

Politics and gaming

According to Charles Gillespie, the CEO, Gambling.com Group Plc. the gaming industry is sidelining the Lone Star State! The expansion of gambling in Texas is seen as taking a longshot for a lone star!

All this could change in early 2021. Texas is a Republican-dominated state, with the party enjoying powerful control in both houses. Suppose the outgoing president decides to give the last shot on a nationwide online gambling campaign. In that case, Texas will break loose from its conservative nature and allow its citizens to place online bets.

However, there is a loophole in Texas State laws – Texas citizens can either use the Native American Casinos or gamble on offshore websites. The Texas laws aren’t capable of webbing out offshore betting; hence that gives them a free ride. In contrast, the few native casinos are protected by the National Indian Gaming Commission- one big exception in Texas Gambling laws.

Policymakers are meeting soon

Texas Legislature convenes each odd-numbered year. The State is expected to act when its policymakers converge, with mounting pressure from neighboring states which have legalized betting. The Legislature will assemble in a few weeks – to be exact, the second Tuesday of January. If they assemble and decide to lessen their gambling regulations, the Texas gambling industry will be a force to reckon with. The Legislature may also consider the fact that offshore gambling is draining them gambling taxes. And legalizing gambling is the only way to net such revenues.

People with the power to push Texas lawmakers to act

Texas has two outspoken sports icons like the Jones Family, who are at the brim of breaking a sponsorship deal with Oklahoma casino. For months, they have been pushing their state to act on

citizens’ interests. On the other hand Mark Cuban and his accomplice Tilman Fertitta are mounting pressure on Texas lawmakers to allow sports betting by early 2021.

A little problem

Nonetheless, before Texas folks can enjoy gambling, they must pool their governor Greg Abbott on their side. Currently, his anti-gambling policies are shrinking the chance of authorizing betting in his protectorate. Gillespie hopes that if all goes well, the Lone Star will soon join a galaxy that is commercializing iGaming.


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