Royal River Casino and Hotel

South Dakota is home to very historic United States landmarks. You can find Black Forest Hills National Forest, which is home to the Crazy Horse Memorial and Mt. Rushmore.

If you plan on making a stop to see these historical landmarks, enjoy the scenery, and be with nature, there are some other places on the list you might want to check out when you want to relax. For example, the Royal River Casino and Hotel is one of those places to unwind.

Royal River Casino and Hotel Offerings

If you want to have a Vegas experience and keep your stomach full of great food options, then Royal River Casino might be right for you. At least they claim to have these top qualities for guests.

They offer a handful of features such as multiple gaming options, a few dining options, select promotions, entertainment variations, and a meeting place for your group or business. These features tend to keep guests happy and coming back.

Royal River Casino and Hotel Gaming Options

Royal River Casino’s gaming options are packed full with the Vegas experience. They have over 400 slots, live card games, craps, roulette, and social bingo.


Their slot selection varies in wager amounts from a penny to $5. In case the 400 slots were not enough for you, they also claim to have the biggest slot machine in the world, the Behemoth Buffalo Stampede.

This machine stands nine feet tall and is equipped with 5.1 stereo surround sound speakers. They also have a few new progressive slots such as Jackpot Explosion and Piggy Bankin.

The fab favorite slot game seems to be the Ultra Hit Progressive. This game features multi-leveled bonuses and larger payouts, so you could easily spend hours playing this one.

Live Card Games

If you are interested in table games, you are in luck. The betting limits to these games range from $5 to $100. If you are unsure of the rules or want to learn more about a game, the dealers and staff will be happy to assist you.

The table games they offer are:

  • Mississippi Stud
  • Silverado Stud Poker
  • Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em Poker
  • Free Bet Blackjack

These games will also vary in times offered. This all depends on inclement weather and customer demand.

Craps and Roulette

The betting limits to these games also vary, just like the table games. However, it does not specify which version of roulette they offer, so it would be in your best interest to find out if you intend to play.

The betting limits for craps are $5 to $100 with 10x odds. The betting limits for roulette are $5 to $500 on the outside and then $5 to $50 on the inside any which way you can get it.

Roulette tables are open daily and operate on the same schedule as the table games. Craps are only available Thursday through Saturday and depend on customer demand.

Royal River Casino and Hotel Promotions and Rewards

This casino has its own rewards program that is free to join. If you like playing your favorite games, why not get points for them?

These points can be redeemed for cash prizes, discounts, and free match plays. The promotions they have vary upon the time of the year, but they tend to have cash giveaways, vacation getaways, and even brand new vehicles.

Royal River Casino and Hotel Dining Options

Compared to other casinos and resorts, they do not have as many food options. However, they have an excellent buffet option.

River Bend Restaurant has three different offerings to choose from. They have a breakfast menu and a lunch menu. They also have various buffet offerings.

The other option for quick food and snacks is the snack bar. This option is open daily from 10 am to 2 am.

Royal River Casino and Hotel Entertainment Options

Royal River Casino has plenty of live concerts, comedians, and other events scheduled throughout the year. When booking your stay, you should check to see who will be in that night or during your stay.

The Royal Room is featured right next door to all of the amenities for food and drinks. So it is easily just a step away from everything you need.


Royal River Casino and Hotel has many features that seem to keep guests coming back. The hotel by itself has an indoor swimming pool and lets you enjoy the beautiful scenery that South Dakota offers.

In addition to the gaming options and the one-of-a-kind Behemoth Buffalo Stampede, you can find yourself being entertained by the live events and even the great food options. Without a doubt, there is something for everyone to do with this vacation and relaxation spot.