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Boxing Betting Sites

Boxing betting has been in existence for as long as the sport itself. While the kind of boxing betting popular in the 1800s and the 21st century differ in mode, the idea of it remains unchanged.

The excitement, the anticipation, the sound of the bell as the boxing match commences, all of if is second to none. It gets even more thrilling when you have some money wagered on the outcome, which brings us to boxing betting sites.

It is imperative to note that the most important factor in choosing a boxing betting site is safety. Your safety is key, and as such we have compiled a list of safe and secure boxing betting sites to suit your needs.

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Top Betting Sites for Boxing


BetOnline is a USA-friendly authentic boxing betting site, with a nice welcome bonus offer! This is one of the most trustworthy choices for sports betting in 2020, with great odds and payouts. BetOnline has a lot of distinct boxing lines on all the major and minor fights. This site offers a minimum boxing betting limit of $1.00 and a maximum betting limit of $5,000. BetOnlien also offers great bonuses like the 50% sign up bonus and a deposit bonus of up to $1,000, a 25% lifetime bonus guarantee. They also offer a mobile betting $50 free play, and a live betting $25 free play.


Bovada online casino supplies betting lines for all major and smaller boxing matches. This online casino crafted its website for easy use, allowing bettors to view the odds for wins and wager on the same page. Tested and trusted, Bovada is a great choice for boxing betting. This online sportsbook offers great and fast payouts, with awesome odds and bonuses. Bovada offers nineteen different lines with great odds for most bouts. There is a 50% welcome bonus that runs up to $250, and up to $5000 bitcoin welcome bonus, among other great bonuses. This boxing betting site offers reload bonuses, improving odds for huge payouts. Bovada has a minimum bet amount of $1 and a maximum of $5,000.


SportsBetting offers great online boxing betting. This site is great for the US-based market. Here, you’ll get the gift of a huge welcome bonus, a smooth user interface, and lots of betting options.

SportsBetting offers a 50% sign up bonus of up to $1,000, a 100% crypto bonus, a 5% bitcoin boost, and other solid bonuses. This site delivers the boxing lines well before the premier title fights and undercards. They also offer news articles to break down events and in turn help you predict the results of upcoming bouts. This site is great for boxing betting, so go online and have a look. Just like most boxing betting sites, SportsBetting offers a minimum of $1 and a maximum of about $5,000 in wagers.


BetNow is a 2020 favorite for boxing betting. There are so many bonuses for you to secure and add to your stack, including the best bitcoin bonus in the betting industry. This site rewards new customers with a 100% match bonus that goes up to $1,000. There is also a 100% welcome bonus for newcomers. All you need to do is deposit a minimum of $20, and a maximum of $500. There is a 15x rollover of course, and you get to pick how you want to deposit and withdraw. BetNow is a great website for boxing betting, as you can find every mainstream boxing event on this site, with a variety of options, improving your chances of big wins.

Betting Tips

You might wonder how boxing betting works. Well, it’s very easy to wrap your head around it and we’ve got some tips to help you.

The simplest form of boxing betting is the outright winner option, which refers to one fighter winning fight. This of course can be done by a knockout (KO), points victory, or retirement of the other player, usually due to excessive injury.

You can also bet on the method the fight will be won. This can be done by analyzing the fighter’s previous wins, which can give you an idea of how they usually win. You can also bet on what round a fight will finish in, and a combination of winner and method (ie. Ali by knockout).

Another type of bet you can consider is what is known as round betting. This means betting on a fighter to win a particular round,. Due to the specificity of this type of bet, the odds can be pretty high, and you can score some big returns if you have a good feeling about the way a fight is going. Knowing how fighters perform at different times in the fight (if they are generally better in the early, middle, or later rounds) can be very helpful for these types of wagers.

You should examine each competitor to understand what type of fighter they are, their KO ratio, their skill set, and their weaknesses. This will give you a better picture of the best possible chances of winning. Also, pay attention to the news to see who’s not in their best form or who has a scandal that could derail them.

It is also helpful to understand the different fighting styles to be able to identify who will have the upper hand in a particular match. Perhaps most importantly, study fighters’ recent form, especially their last few fights.