La Liga Betting Sites

The Spanish La Liga is among the most awaited competitions globally. It packs action, tension, and household names that nobody can afford to miss.

And is there any other way to enjoy the action while making money at the same time other than betting?

In fact, the La Liga League offers some of the best games to bet on and get winnings.

You only need to know which sites to use to bet and which wagers to place. But with many of the bookmakers on the internet, it is easy to get confused on which one will maximize your experience.

Here are the top betting sites for La Liga betting in the USA that will give you most rewards and options when betting. So, when the La Liga next plays, you better be well set with your betting options.

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Bovada is one of the oldest, most solid betting sites in the USA. It offers a wide range of games to bet on, from football to soccer and horse racing. This is where you will find the best experience betting on the La Liga competitions every season.

Key features of Bovada Include;

  • High welcome bonus of $250
  • Minimum deposit: $10
  • Easy Navigation: good graphics and a grey background.
  • Average Payout Time: 4-7 days
  • Deposit methods: Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, American Express
  • Mobile-friendly betting

Very few sites, if none, can beat the betting odds that Bovada provides. And their limits still cater to everyone. If you love taking higher risks, this site will reward you well. Don’t worry, even if you don’t play with high stakes, you will still find something here.


Bovada has a simple interface. The graphics and the background make it easy for you to navigate the site. No showy visuals, no struggling to see lines. Everything is clear.


This bookmaker has interesting bonuses which make it the best in the game. When you sign up, you get a 50% bonus on deposits up to $250. The bonuses are even better when you use Bitcoin to deposit. Bitcoin deposits of up to $750 attract a 75% bonus. You will rollover your bonuses five times and then make a withdrawal.

Rewards and Promotions
Bovada has a tiered reward and promotion system. A new player begins at the Starter level. The more you gain points, the higher you move. Their highest rank is the Hall of Fame. You can redeem points for cash back, meaning, you still get back a percentage on your losses.


If you are an avid punter, BetOnline is a name you will easily recognize. Like Bovada, BetOnline offers pleasant betting experiences to its users.

Its key features include:

  • A welcome bonus of up to $1000
  • A minimum deposit of $10
  • An average payout of 3-10 days
  • Easy Interface
  • Mobile-friendly navigation
  • Live betting option
  • 24/7 Customer support

Bonuses, Promotions, and Rewards

If there’s a company that knows how to welcome its newcomers, then it is BetOnline. When you sign up you get a 100% bonus on your very first deposit for up to $1,000.

They also have a Lifetime Bonus Guarantee. You receive a generous bonus upfront on every deposit you make.

Another bonus includes $25 free play for live betting and $50 free play on your first mobile bet.

If you refer a friend, you score 200% up to $100 for every referral that signs up and makes a $25 minimum deposit

Deposit Options and Payouts

Before you sign up on any sportsbook, you have to make sure they have reasonable deposit options. BetOnline accepts a variety of options like Bitcoin, Dash, Money orders, checks, bank wires, Ethereum, Mastercard, and Visa.

They are also keen on payouts and offer speedy withdrawals.

Teams to watch out for in La Liga

The La Liga League features some of the best teams in soccer in Spain and the world at large. If you are going to bet, you should keep your eye open for Real Madrid. With a winning total of 91 games nationally and internationally, it’s no surprise that they won 33 out of all La Liga games held. Their chances of winning, especially on home ground, are always high.

Barcelona is a good one too, with a history of 94 titles and 26 La Liga titles. This is a team to watch out for when placing your bet. We also know it is home to some household names like Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez, which gives it an edge over most of the competitors.

And of course, Sevilla and Atletico Madrid will also give you some good payout given their strong history and formation.

Tips to remember when betting

Only place amounts you can afford to lose. Betting is not a guaranteed sport. You can either win or lose. Don’t be tempted to place big bets hoping to get a much bigger payout. Well, if you can afford to lose $1000, then by all means, bet with it. Otherwise, use $200 and keep the rest.

Research before you bet. It takes a lot of practice and knowledge to realize consistent winnings when betting.

Keep your betting records. It sounds funny to keep a spreadsheet dedicated to your betting history but these records will help you analyze your history.

Also, keep your emotions out of it. Betting is not for emotional people. When betting, remember to keep sober and make informed decisions, rather than betting on emotions.

La Liga is the biggest professional soccer competition in Spain. This means it has higher rewarding rates for punters who know their game well. So, take your time and prepare for when the season begins. It will be a good time to make a few bucks.