Emergency Response Plans Now a Requirement in Nevada

Casino operators work hard to provide their patrons with a quality environment. Not only do players who visit a land-based casino want to enjoy gaming but they also want to have access to food and drinks along with other forms of entertainment. On top of all that, players want to ensure they will be safe and secure while at a casino. In Nevada, efforts have been made to add more safety measures for visitors of casinos in the state. Just this week, Bill 69 was signed by Governor Steve Sisolak to require operators provide the state with emergency response plans.

Bill 69

The Senate and Assembly both voted to approve Bill 69, requiring that casinos in the state file an updated emergency plan each year. Both chambers were willing to push the bill forward in an effort to provide further protection for residents and tourists of the state. The plan must be submitted by the 1st of November. The bill recommends that a special task force be created to oversee the plans for security. The bill also suggests that new formats for funding an electronic system for emergency plan tracking be created.

The goal of the recommendations is to help the state’s Resort Planning Task Force. The agency is one that was created after a shooting took place from the Mandalay Bay. During the horrific event, 58 individuals were murdered while attending a concert.

In the past, the security plans of casinos were reviewed every five years. Lawmakers are now calling for newer, more updated plans on a regular basis to ensure that properties are safe for patrons. If a venue does not submit an updated emergency plan by the time line then the task force has the ability to report them to the Gaming Control Board. The venue could then face fines or a license suspension. They may also lose their right to operate.

Going Beyond Casinos

The new law does not only affect the casinos but also local governments. According to the governor, the local governments must also file safety plans. The Governor stated he was proud to have signed the bill into law as it will strengthen the requirements for emergency response plans for not only cities and counties but also schools and resort hotels to ensure that residents as well as visitors are protected.

Within the emergency plan, a map of the building as well as grounds must be included. Descriptions should be listed that show access routes as well as the plan for evacuation. Employees who maintain compliance are also to be listed on the plan.

The Mandalay Bay shooting definitely got lawmakers as well as casino operators thinking about how further protections could be put in place to ensure patrons are protected in a variety of scenarios. Such an incident could happen again if protections are not in place with proper security protocols followed.

Potential dangers can be avoided which will help Nevada, particularly Las Vegas, remain a popular destination for entertainment for not only locals but also tourists.


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