GeoComply Launches New Self-Exclusion System for US Gamblers

Online gambling sites are supposed to operate responsibly, providing resources for gamblers to learn more about addiction or habitual behavior. On an international level, there are several support options and ways to self-exclude. It is quite common for players to decide to exclude themselves and take a break from gambling. In the US, a new resource is now available from GeoComply that helps players in the states to self-exclude from sports betting and online gambling services.


Titled PlayPause, this new tool is offered in several states via several operators. Before this tool, players could self-exclude in New Jersey but then travel to Pennsylvania and gamble online. With the new system, players can use the existing geolocation network provided by GeoComply to stop such behavior.

Anna Sainsbury, the co-founder and chairman of GeoComply, commented that the company is always looking to use technology in a responsible and meaningful way. With PlayPause, the compliance tool is an important one that unites the industry and regulators to help deepen their commitment to consumer protection and responsible gaming.

The new system was announced during Responsible Gaming Education Week. Conscious Gaming is a new non-profit that will fund the platform. Operators will be able to use the tool to identify problem gamblers and intervene before a major issue takes place.

The tool will be free of charge to operators thanks to Conscious Gaming. The solution will allow players to expand their self-exclusion bubble as they move from state to state. This is a big deal, especially considering states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania can easily be visited for gaming.

Operators will be able to strengthen their responsible gaming programs and make decisions that are based on data as well as gathering insight into players that have self-excluded in one state but need protection in another.

One major bonus to the tool is the fact that there does not have to be several state-operated databases. There will be one single database that can be used across the board. Operators and regulators can easily access the tool and use the data to make decisions on players instead of having to maintain individual databases.

Responsible Gambling

The new tool is a great step in the direction of responsible gambling. Players will be able to take their gaming into their own hands and exclude from states that offer online gambling. This can be helpful for those who want to stay on a budget but have trouble controlling their gambling spending. Or for those who have a serious gambling problem and need to seek help.

National Council on Problem Gambling executive director Keith Whyte praised PlayPause and stated that a multi-state self-exclusion tool has been a goal of stakeholders for quite some time as they are committed to responsible gaming.

With PlayPause, it is a prime example as to how technology along with innovation can be used to advance the protection of consumers and create a more effective responsible gaming framework within the sports betting and gambling industries.

The launch of the new tool comes at a time when the NFL season is in full swing, which is a popular time for bettors. Players in the US will be able to use the tool to ensure they stop wagering if they feel the need to.

It will be interesting to see how quickly the tool is utilized by players in the US. Because the option is open to every state, as new legislation is passed, PlayPause will be able to work in other areas.



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