Mike Tyson Favored vs. Roy Jones Jr. in Highly Anticipated Exhibition Bout

It is now official that Mike Tyson will be taking on Roy Jones Jr. in a highly anticipated boxing match that will go down on November 28. The fight got pushed from September 12 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier in July, Tyson hinted at his debut after 15 years of retirement, on conditions that he would only face a worthy opponent with the right price. It didn’t take long before fighting promotions threw in irresistible offers, and Roy Jones Jr. took the bait to participate in an exhibition match that will run for eight rounds.

The two fighters are in their early 50’s, raising concerns about potential injuries that may be sustained. However, in recent interviews and his Hotboxin’ podcast, Tyson never showed the desire to hurt anyone, though he is the most dangerous boxer in history. Will he uphold this strange accolade? Nevertheless, the fighters will be using 12-ounce gloves; the chances of having severe injuries are slim. Tyson also noted that they are both accomplished fighters who can protect themselves professionally.

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Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Information

The long-awaited match will take place in Staples Center arena, Los Angeles, and will air live on BT Sport Box Office and Triller app on social media. The director of California State Athletic Commission, Andy Foster, reiterated that the public shouldn’t be misled that the event is a “real fight” as there are terms of the deal that state how the match should go. For instance, referee Ray Corona will ensure that the fight doesn’t turn out as ugly as the 2006 Mike vs. Tyson exhibition that saw Mike going down in the first round.

Initially, the fight would proceed without hardware until the World Boxing Council (WBC) stepped in to introduce the Frontline Championship Belt to be awarded to winner of the fight. Each round will now go for two minutes, instead of the original three. Even though they should only spar, the fighters will also put on protective headgear. Still, bettors have enticing odds for the icon they believe will outshine the expectations of many.

How Fair Are the Odds for the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Fight?

Both Tyson and Jones have shared videos of intense training during the past months. Bovada, a leading sportsbook, recently published odds for the two former champs, with Jones opening as a -135 favorite and Tyson firing back as a -105 underdog. A couple of days later, the odds flipped, and now Jones is the +150 underdog while Tyson is the -200 favorite. This loosely translates to a 66.7% implied win probability for Mike Tyson and a 40% implied win probability for Jones. However, the odds might change as the fight approaches.

The odds are intriguing, notably Tyson’s. Tyson’s last victory was in 2003 when he knocked Clifford Etienne in the first round. Moreover, he’s only been an underdog once in his career when his odds closed at +175 against Lennox Lewis in 2002. It is also important to note that Jones is coming in as the 90’s boxer of the decade, even though Tyson was also impressive and devastating in that period. While Tyson has been out of the game since 2005, Jones had his last fight in 2018, which culminated in a swift win against Scott Sigmon.

How to Bet on Tyson vs Jones Jr. Odds

Whereas it’s a spectacle worth all the usual wagering options and exotic props, most sportsbooks are yet to diversify the markets. Currently, the moneyline is the only option available for either fighter. Right now, if you bet on Mike Tyson to win, you’ll need a $200 bet to make a $100 profit. Conversely, if Jones carries the day, you’ll need $100 to make a $150 profit.

What Do You Know About Mike Tyson?

If you were born in the 2000’s, you probably know Tyson from pop culture, not boxing, as his best performances in the ring were in the 80’s and 90’s. Mike Tyson broke a world record to become the youngest heavyweight champion at just 20 years, which led to his nickname, “Iron Mike”. He earned the heavyweight title in 1987 and lost it four years later. Tyson was born in Brooklyn, New York, on June 30, 1966. Tyson managed 50 wins and six losses throughout his career before his unceremonious retirement in the middle of a match against Kevin McBride.

Iron Mike was first knocked out by Buster Douglas in a hotly contested match in Tokyo, Japan where Douglas closed as a 42/1 underdog. However, he still holds a coveted 44 knockouts and 0 draws in just 56 bouts! Other notable achievements by Mike Tyson include his inductions to both the World Boxing Hall of Fame and the most coveted International Boxing Hall of Fame. Generally, Tyson is remembered for his controversial life in and out of the ring.

Roy Jones Jr.’s History and Boxing Career

Roy Jones was born Roy Levesta Jones Jr. in Pensacola, Florida, on January 16, 1969. His boxing career started in 1989 and amazed boxing fans in 2003 when he clinched the World Boxing Association (WBA) heavyweight title. Jones made history by breaking a 106-year old record when the first middleweight champion won the heavyweight title. Throughout his previous career, Jones managed 66 wins, in which 47 ended in knockouts. Unfortunately, he lost nine times, three more losses than Tyson.

It is also important to note that Jones had a successful international career that saw him dominate all four weight classes he participated in. Roy Jones has participated in a total of 75 bouts. In the year 2003, Jones was named Fighter of the Year by the World Boxing Hall of Fame.

Similarities Between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.

Ironically, the two former heavyweight champions have a few things in common. For instance, they both stand 5 foot 11 in height. In the ring, they also share the same stance; orthodox. It is fascinating that neither of them ever conceded a draw in their career.

As November 28 draws near, everyone is eager to see whether a swift knockout will carry the day or an ear will be bitten again. After all, these are legendary fighters who must still ace their performance despite the “exhibition terms”. Mike Tyson already notes that boxers get to the ring to fight and win titles. So, who will take home the Frontline Championship Belt?


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