Mobile Betting Set to Launch Soon in Indiana

Sports betting continues to grow in the United States on a land-based and online level. Many states choose to launch land-based services first and then move on to mobile gaming. In Indiana, the retail side of the industry launched on September 1st and this October, mobile wagering will arrive.

Official Date Announced

Earlier this week, the official date for the start of online sports betting for Indiana was revealed by the Gaming Commission. Regulators gave the go-ahead to French Lick Casino to start their mobile offering on October 3rd. The casino is partnered with a familiar face in the online gaming world, Rush Street Interactive.

The sports betting company is a division of Rush Street Gaming, a company that operates in states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The state started offering land-based services on September 6th, just one date after the NFL began their new season.

According to gaming officials, the betting company demonstrated that their mobile betting operation meets the requirements of the state. The mobile offering will include several types of betting options that are already offered at the retail sportsbook at French Lick. Wagers offered will include in-game betting, totals, parlays and straight bets.

Players can place wagers on several sports including soccer, football, hockey, basketball, college sports and more. Individuals who take part in sports betting must be located in the state and be 21 years of age or older. Bets can be placed via mobile or desktop device.

Additional Details

When signing up for an online account, players must provide information of their identity. Such personal details may include social security number, email address, a birth date, credit or debit card number. This information will be used to ensure the person signing up is eligible to play in a legal manner.

To ensure players are located in the state, operators must use geo-fencing technology. Such technology is used in other states that offer online sports betting and other gambling options to stay in line with gaming regulations. The technology triangulates where players are located and if they are not within the state borders, they will not be allowed access to sites.

Operators are excited to begin offering a mobile component in order to drum up more business from the booming sports betting industry. Everyone has watched as New Jersey has blossomed, with over 80% of their sports betting wagers coming from mobile devices. Players have a desire to bet online as it is much more convenient than traveling to a casino to place a bet.

In Indiana, 13 locations are approved to offer retail sports betting. Only one operator has been approved for mobile gaming as of yet but it is expected that more operators will begin to request approval in the coming weeks and months. Because of the slow start, it will be some time before we see the full impact as to how mobile betting will affect the new industry in the state.


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