Nevada to Allow Esports Betting on Counter-Strike Amidst Sports Betting Loss

In the United States, sports betting is a no-go along with casino gaming, poker, etc. Players have a shortage of gambling options due to business shutdowns based on the spread of the coronavirus. Sports teams have stopped seasons while casinos have completely shut their doors with no date set for when things will get back to normal. In an effort to provide something to wager on, gaming regulators in Nevada have decided to allow licensed operators to offer wagers on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s ESL Pro League Season 11: North America.

New Betting Option

On Wednesday, the Nevada Gaming Control Board approved wagering on the esports league, allowing bookmakers to offer three different wagering options. Providers can offer Head to Head, Match Winner and Overall Season Champion bets.

Each bookmaker must meet certain criteria before being allowed to offer wagering on the ESL season. The matches just started on March 16th and a total of 24 teams are competing in the series. With this betting option, players will at least have some form of online betting in the state of Nevada.

Esports have gained in popularity over the past few years as more and more tournament events are being held in Nevada as well as online. It is actually creating a new age group of bettors as the games involved are popular among the younger crowd.

With major sports events cancelled currently, it provides an outlet for sports bettors that is not too far from what they are already used to.

Meeting Conditions

Because casinos are shut down in Nevada, betting is limited to apps – and there are no online casinos in Nevada at this time. Nevada regulators have allowed this new option for online sportsbooks, but they must meet certain conditions to offer the wagers. Of course, only licensed digital sportsbooks can take part. Operators must send a notification of terms to the state’s Enforcement Division, alerting them of wanting to offer services.

Apps must stop taking bets once a match has started as the betting option is not open to in-game wagering. Operators also have to follow audit procedures and set their own odds. The rules of the betting option must be posted for the public to view.

Operators can choose to offer additional wagers aside from the three that were approved by the board. But, to do so, a new application must be submitted to the board and approved.

The ESL Pro League season will take place through April 3rd, so that leaves a good length of time for wagering. Two groups have already started playing and there are more matches to come. William Hill is an operator in the state that has already began offering bets, promoting the option on their official website that eSport betting is back in action.

It will be interesting to see how this new betting option plays out in the state over the next few days. We may soon see many other options added to online gambling sites in Nevada and other states as operators try to find new ways to create business.


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