PokerStars to Offer New Twitch Features in the US

In October, PokerStars announced that new Twitch features would be added to their poker client. In the beginning, it was unclear as to if the features would be offered in the United States. It has now been confirmed that the new features will launch world-wide, including in new regions where the operator will be offering services, like Pennsylvania.

Twitch Popularity

Twitch is a live streaming service where players of popular video games stream their sessions. The service is extremely popular with many players making a career from gaming and streaming their footage. When it comes to poker gaming, players will be able to stream their gameplay, with cards being on a short delay.

Professional and amateur players use Twitch to show off their skills and build a fan following. Now that PokerStars is integrating new features involving Twitch, using the service while playing will be that much easier.

For the Twitch features, PokerStars has not produced a timeline. According to OnlinePokerReport, PokerStars Rep Rebecca McAdam stated the launch for the features will vary based on site and testing. In-client integration should be available on a global basis by the end of 2020. For US players, the launch will take place during the first half of next year.

PokerStars is set to launch in Pennsylvania this week and of course, they already offer services in New Jersey. Players located in other states can still access PokerStars, but it must be via the play-money site.

Linking the Poker Client to Twitch

For the PokerStars offering, players will be able to link their Twitch account to the poker client. This will be a first for the industry and a big advantage for those who use the streaming service. Players of PokerStars can now easily choose to link their accounts.

For PokerStars, the streaming option will basically be like free advertising. Players will promote their own gameplay via the streaming service and the PokerStars brand will be front and center. Twitch is a huge tool for engagement and with millions of people having access to the site, PokerStars should easily see an uptick in traffic as their brand gains even more recognition.

It is still unknown what the benefits will be for account linking for players at PokerStars. Rep McAdam stated that when players link their accounts, they will have access to a special streaming community where promotions, items and rewards will be provided. What exactly will be up for grabs is still anyone’s guess.

We do know that players who subscribe to the Twitch channel of PokerStars and link their account already earn a monthly reward of a chest. The perk is provided to cover the cost of paying for the channel subscription.

Because the Rep used the term Streaming Community, it is assumed that PokerStars will most likely be pushing for players to stream their gameplay. This will create advertising for the brand as well as increase recognition. Maybe we will see promotions for those who obtain the most followers or viewers for their channel. The exact details still remain a mystery but should have some type of quality value for those who take part.

It should be expected that PokerStars will offer players who link their accounts chances to win seats to online and possibly live events. We will stay tuned to any new information and report any details as they are revealed. We are also watching the Pennsylvania launch, which is expected this week and will report as it happens.


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