Rhode Island Mobile Sports Betting Struggling due to Registration Component

Across the United States, individual states are offering or setting up to offer sports betting. More and more states are getting in on the betting action as the market brings in millions in revenues each and every month. Some states are offering only land-based options, while others are focusing on a mobile component as well. In some states, in-person registration is a requirement before placing bets online is allowed. Such is the case in Rhode Island and this small caveat seems to be harming the industry in a big way.

In-Person Registration

For players to set up a mobile sports betting account in Rhode Island, they must first visit a venue to get stated. Over 12,000 people have downloaded the state’s sports betting application since it launched last month. However, of that number, only 45% have completed the registration process.

Players must visit Tiverton Casino or Twin River Casino to place a bet before their account is active. The constitution of the state is what set this small requirement. So, only a small amount of people have completed the process, which has generated less revenues from sports betting than expected.

The sports betting figures were reported on earlier this week during a legislative oversight hearing. Bettors placed around $17.9 million through the NFL season’s week 6. Around $2 million in revenues were generated from a just over 11% hold. Just under 50% of the betting handle comes from the NFL sector.

New Accounts

Hundreds of players are signing up for a new account each week, but not completing the registration process. Bettors start to complete the process as a game draws near but then do not complete it by traveling to one of the two casino options.

Behind More than 50%

When it comes to the overall sports betting industry, Rhode Island is more than 50% behind on their estimated revenue projections during the first 100+ days of wagering. For a 111 day time frame, revenues came in at just over $3 million. It was expected that by this time, over $6.8 million would have been made.

The fiscal year 2020 has a generated estimation of $22.7 million from sports betting. The majority was expected to come from mobile gaming with land-based betting pulling up the rear. Now, the state is struggling to reach high betting totals each week due to poor signup numbers.

Many states opted out of requiring in-person signups due to the expected reduction in player participation. For the most part, players who live hours away from a gambling venue are not going to make a special trip just to have an application approved for online gaming.

It also discourages outside companies from offering services in the region as the land-based venue is required for in-person signups.

We shall see in the coming weeks if Rhode Island will begin to gain any ground, but chances are, the signups will continue to remain stagnant as players avoid traveling to complete the registration process.


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