Sports Betting Efforts Back on Track in North Carolina

Earlier this year, it was expected that North Carolina would be the first state to authorize sports betting in the United States. However, efforts were soon derailed and proponents would have to watch as state after state approved sports betting as North Carolina fell behind. Now, it seems sports betting legislation is back on track and hopefully this time, the state can see a bill approved.

Movement Possible This Week

According to information at Legal Sports Report, state Representative Kevin Corbin has stated that legislation is expected to advance through committee and then be passed in the House as early as this week. S 154 was assigned by the Rules Committed to the House Commerce Committee with a hearing set for this morning.

In the bill, it adds sports betting to Class Iii gaming which is allowed at casinos operated by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. The bill was able to pass within the Senate with an overwhelming vote of 42 to 7 back in April, but stalled thereafter.

Apparently, the delay was due to another bill that included a study component of sports betting. Confusion caused the bill to be held up. The issue was with H 929, a bill introduced one week after the sports betting bill was approved in the Senate. This measure would create a Gaming Commission for the state which would oversee all gaming. The commission would be in charge of regulating daily fantasy sports as well as completing a study on legalized sports betting.

Representatives were worried about passing a bill involving sports betting if a study was to be conducted.

Extended Session

The legislative session in the state was expected to come to an end on the 1st of July which was the date set for the budget to be provided for the next fiscal year. Governor Roy Cooper decided to veto the budget that made its way through the House and Senate because it did not include an expansion for Medicaid, which he is in favor of.

With the delay in the session ending, it gives lawmakers more time to consider the sports betting proposal. Now, Corbin is hoping that there is enough time to see the measure approved and sports betting finally legalized in the state.

Sadly, North Carolina had to watch as six other states passed legislation while their option lay dormant. Already, sports betting has become big business in the US as state after state implements legislation and gets started with regulated activity.

It is expected that over the next few years, most every state will offer sports betting in some form or fashion. As far as gambling expansions are concerned, sports betting has overtaken online gambling and other formats to be the go-to choice for state who want to earn more revenues from gambling.

We will stay tuned over the next few days to see if North Carolina can pull out a passage of the sports betting legislation and report any details as they are provided.


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