Wynn Resorts Urging Re-Opening of Strip in May

The Las Vegas strip has been shut down for over a month due to the coronavirus pandemic, and there isn’t a re-open date in sight. That could change if Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak takes the advice of Wynn Resorts Chief Executive Officer, Matt Maddox. Maddox recently wrote a letter to the governor with detailed plans as to how the strip should re-open and when it should occur.

Maddox sent a 23-page document to Governor Sisolak over the weekend, and the plan was extremely detailed. Maddox first commended the governor for his work in the face of the pandemic but also pointed out that it is time to re-open the state.

Wynn Resorts has developed a plan that would allow their casinos and resorts to re-open, while still ensuring the safety of their staff and the customers that come through the doors.

Maddox also wrote an opinion piece in the Nevada Independent, where he was able to share his vision and plan with the readers of the newspaper. In this piece, Maddox points out that the entire state of Nevada is past the point of peak hospital visits due to the virus, and that the state is well below the national average when it comes to deaths per millions of people.

Another major point that the Wynn Resorts CEO pointed out in both the letter and editorial is that the Las Vegas Strip needs to re-open to bring the city back from this financial crisis. The entire economy in Nevada is struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the re-opening of casinos and hotels will get the state back on track.

Even though Wynn Resorts is currently shut down through at least April, Maddox and his team have agreed to pay all of their full-time workers through May 15. The company has been applauded by many government leaders both in the city and nation-wide, but it is also coming at a huge price tag.

Financial experts estimate that Wynn Resorts is paying over $3 million per day during the closure, and they will pay out more than $180 million to their employees if the closure lasts the entire two month period. Maddox is adamant that Wynn Resorts will be able to handle this financial burden, but his company is also ready to open their doors once again and begin bringing in some revenue.

All Planned Out

Several other major players in the casino industry have urged Governor Sisolak to lift the ban or stay-at-home order, but Maddox and Wynn Resorts have developed a plan to get it done. The first step of the plan calls for the re-opening of businesses in the state, but with limited occupancy and social distancing measures being strictly enforced. He also suggests that if the ban is lifted that everyone needs to wear a mask when visiting a public place.

Maddox also points out that the coronavirus task force now needs to focus its efforts on testing procedures. If more tests become readily available in Las Vegas and throughout the state of Nevada, then the governor should feel safe to open up the economy again.

Wynn Resorts has also laid out how they will ensure the safety of their employees and customers when they can open their doors. Thermal cameras will be used to check temperatures of guests, and anyone with a temperature over 100 degrees will not be allowed in the casino.

The company will also have hand sanitizer dispensers throughout their casinos, and employees will be forced to wash their hands several different times throughout their shift. The 23-page document sent to Governor Sisolak is available to view online. The governor has yet to comment on the letter sent by Maddox.


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