Celebrity Boxing Betting Sites

While sportsbooks typically focus on their namesake (sports), that is not the only thing that bettors can wager on. Most sportsbooks have an “Entertainment” section that allows bettors to put money down on the entertainment world, from awards shows to upcoming roles in movies. Sometimes sporting events, such as celebrity boxing matches, can fall under the “Entertainment” category on some sites.

With some bettors being new to wagering on entertainment topics, this guide should help you familiarize yourself with the entertainment betting world and its terms.

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Entertainment Betting on Sportsbetting.ag

Sportsbetting.ag is one of the most reliable sportsbooks out there. It offers a user-friendly interface, as well as a wide variety of sports and entertainment bets to wager on. For example, Sportsbetting.ag users can choose to wager on who’ll win Best Actor in a TV Series Drama at the Golden Globes to how many hot dogs a competitor will eat at the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. There is a bit of everything in the entertainment section.

New bettors have a lot of different options for promotions at Sportsbetting.ag. One of their more popular promotions is a 50 percent welcome bonus. Sportsbetting.ag will match 50 percent of your first deposit up to $1,000! They also have a Sports Reload Bonus, which “Entertainment” falls under. Every time you deposit at least $50, Sportsbetting.ag will match 25 percent of it up to $250.

Entertainment Betting on Bovada

Like most sportsbooks, Bovada has its own selection of entertainment lines. After clicking “All Sports, you’ll find the “Entertainment” section. Bovada lets you bet on everything from award show winners to who will finish in the top three on a reality television competition. They’re also one of the sportsbooks that contain occasional celebrity boxing matches for those who are interested.

Bovada has its own assortment of promotions for new entertainment bettors. If you prefer using cryptocurrencies, Bovada will match 75 percent (up to $750) on your first Bitcoin deposit. If cryptocurrencies aren’t your thing, no problem. Bovada has a 25 percent sports welcome bonus that’ll match your first deposit up to $250! Both these bonuses and more could see you winning money faster than ever.

Entertainment Betting on BetOnline

BetOnline has a similar layout to Sportsbetting.ag, meaning it’s just as easy and friendly to use. Once you’re all signed up, explore a large a number of entertainment bets available to you. From the Grammys to the Oscars and any awards show imaginable in between, BetOnline has you covered. With every major award being available to be bet on, your awards show parties can be more interesting than ever before.

BetOnline will also give you a quick jump-start to your entertainment betting. A 35 percent crypto reload bonus will see 35 percent of your cryptocurrency deposits being matched. You can also access their 50 percent welcome bonus, which will match half of your first deposit up to $1,000.

How to Bet on Entertainment Events

Entertainment betting is interesting because, unlike most sports, there isn’t an event every night. This means that a lot of entertainment events can be bet on weeks or even months in advance. For example, usually whenever the nominees for a major awards show are announced, betting lines can typically be found within a couple of days after.

Speaking of which, choosing who’ll win any given award is one of the more popular entertainment bets available on sportsbooks. Every nominee will be listed, as well as their. respective odds. If Brad Pitt is the -300 favorite to win a certain Oscar, that means you would have to bet $300 to win $100. However, if Denzel Washington was a long shot to win at +1000, you’d win $1,000 if you bet $100 on him.

Some entertainment competitions will have an “Over/Under” betting line. For example, betting on the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is a yearly category on BetOnline. For a famous hot dog eater like Joey Chestnut, BetOnline will tell you how many hot dogs they expect him to eat. You then choose whether you think he’ll eat more (Over) or less (Under) than that number.

Prop bets can also be included in entertainment events. They can be fun or even weird and may have nothing to do with that night’s winners. Instead, they may have you guessing what color dress a performer will wear or who someone may thank in their speech.

Entertainment Betting Strategy

The first thing to do before betting a dime is for you to do your research. Not only does that apply to betting on sports, but entertainment too. If you plan on wagering on an award show, research the nominees. Have they already won in that category for the same work except at a different award show? Who are experts siding with? It’s never a bad idea to do background research.

You should also have a financial plan before placing a wager. Even if you feel really good about someone’s Grammy odds, how much money are you willing to lose? No bet is a guaranteed win, so set a budget for yourself. Also, no matter what sportsbook you plan on using, make sure to research to find out if it’s safe and reliable.

You can also sign up on multiple sportsbooks to increase your odds of winning in a certain market. Just be sure to be responsible about it!