Soccer Betting Sites

Soccer is one of the most popular sports on the planet. It’s one of the rare sports where teams from every continent can compete against each other on a relatively even playing field. With how popular the game is, it’s not surprising that it’s gained traction in the sports betting community. Soccer is already a beautiful game, but some may argue that incorporating sports betting into the equation can make it even more exciting.

Sports betting has never been easier to access. We live in a world where you can wager on your favorite teams right from your phone. Below is a list of some well-trusted sportsbooks that you can sign up for in order to begin your betting journey.

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Soccer Betting at

Bovada is one of the more well-known online sportsbooks out there. It’s easy to navigate and, once you’ve signed up, you’ll have several soccer markets you can participate in. Whether it’s betting on the World Cup or a weekly MLS game, you’ll have more markets than you’ll know what to do with.

Bovada also offers some exciting promotions that you can take advantage of. A Bitcoin sports welcome bonus will match 25% of your first deposit up to $750. If Bitcoin isn’t your thing, that’s okay! Bovada offers a regular 50% welcome bonus that matches half of your initial deposit up to $250.

Soccer Betting at BetOnline

Like Bovada, BetOnline is a well-trust and reliable sportsbook. Beginners should have no issue navigating the simple design, meaning you can bet on soccer faster than ever. Whether you’re looking for soccer futures, prop bets or anything in between, BetOnline has a load of options for you.

Just like how they have a variety of betting markets, BetOnline also has some promotions to help you win big early on. If you prefer cryptocurrencies, there’s a 1st-time crypto deposit promotions that’ll match 100% of your first deposit. However, one of BetOnline’s most popular promotions is their sports reload bonus. You can use it any time you make a deposit ($50 minimum) and BetOnline will match 25% of it up to $250.

Soccer Betting at may look a bit familiar if you’ve already checked out BetOnline. Both sites look nearly identical, give or take a few areas. However, that means that is equally as reliable as the others, offering you a world of soccer-related bets that could add excitement to the sport. Whether you’re a fan of future or live betting, has you covered. also has several promotions and bonuses up for grabs. A crypto reload bonus will match 35% of any deposit you make when using cryptocurrencies. There’s also a juicy welcome bonus that matches 50% of your initial deposit up to $1,000. With so many options available, choose which promotion works best for you!

How to Bet on Soccer

Once you’ve signed up for a sportsbook, betting on soccer has never been easier. We live in a day and age when most sportsbooks are available on your computer or phone, so you can make wagers anywhere you want! Keeping that in mind, if it’s your first time betting on soccer, you may not know all of the terms and available markets.

Everyone has to start somewhere, so here’s a list of important terms/markets:

  • Moneyline: A type of bet when you’re choosing the outright winner in a matchup.
  • Point spread: A team in a matchup will be projected to win by a certain amount of goals. You then have to choose whether or not you think that team will be successful.
  • Total: A total number of goals will be given for a game. You then choose whether or not the two teams will score more (over) or fewer (under) goals.
  • Futures: This is a type of bet you make days, weeks or months in advance. Examples including picking the winner of the FIFA World Cup or an individual league, like the EPL.
  • Live: Instead of making wagers on a game beforehand, you’ll be betting on it while it’s happening live.
  • Prop bets: Unique bets that don’t always reflect the outcome of a game. It could range from which team will score the first goal in a matchup to the exact number of how many goals will be scored in a game.

All markets come with an odds line that indicates how much you can win on a wager. If you see a positive sign (+), that’s how much money you can win if you bet $100 (Ex. If you bet $100 on a team to win at +500 and they’re successful, you’ll win $500). If there’s a negative sign (-), that’s how much money you have to bet to win $100 (Ex. -200 = $200 bet to win $100).

Soccer Betting Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes that new bettors make is that they don’t do enough research before jumping in. It may seem like unnecessary work, but spending 10 minutes Googling trends and statistics could make a world of difference. Soccer is a massive sport and players are changing teams and getting hurt all the time. You need to find out if any of these changes could affect any event that you’re betting on.

You should also have a financial strategy when you start betting. No matter how good the odds are, there’s no such thing as a guaranteed bet. A general rule of thumb is that you should only bet what you’re willing to lose. $50-$100 is a good starting point that you can increase once you get the hang of things. Plus, there are all the aforementioned promotions you can take advantage of to give you extra funds to play with.

Competitions and Tournaments

Find betting guides for specific soccer competitions and tournaments in the list below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to how much I can wager on soccer markets?

Most sportsbooks set limits for how much money you can wager. For example, BetOnline has a $10,000 limit on moneyline wagers in FIFA World Cup markets compared to a $2,000 one for the MLS.

When should I wager on a big event, like the World Cup or Euros?

Like with most futures, you can wager on soccer tournaments as soon as a sportsbook posts the market to the time it closes. However, future odds are constantly changing leading up to an event, so keep that in mind if you’re going to bet on a future market.

Can I only wager on major soccer tournaments?

No! While most sportsbooks offer access to major soccer competitions, they also allow you to bet on weekly league matchups and smaller leagues as well.