MLS Betting Sites

Over the last decade, MLS (Major Soccer League) has gained immense popularity in the US and is now a favorite betting market for many punters. Many US betting sites are now embracing MLS betting by providing punters with a variety of MLS betting options.

Whether you’re a novice or a veteran online punter, one thing you can agree with us on is that getting a reliable bookie is such a hassle. You have to rummage through tons of online bookies pinpointing the ones you think suit you. However, sometimes you can still end up making the wrong choice.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled the five best MLS betting in the USA based on their offers and reliability. Our list features reliable sites, most of which you may have already come across.

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Best Betting Sites for MLS Betting in the US

  1. Bovada

Bovada is a leading MLS betting site, which has been in operation for close to a decade. It debuted in 2011, and since then, the platform has been offering an excellent betting experience for both novices and veteran punters. The platform has a wide selection of available markets, covering at least 27 disciplines ranging from horse racing to basketball to golf and motorsports. Bovada sports offers competitive odds with good pricing on MLS games.

The generous bonuses makes Bovada Sports one of the best MLS betting sites in the US. Some of the bonuses that you stand to get when you sign up with Bovada include a 75% Bitcoin welcome bonus, with a max of $750. This bonus is also subject to a 5X rollover requirements on horses and sports. There is also a $250 welcome bonus for FIAT users. The bonus amount will get credited to your account within 30 minutes of promotion activation. The sportsbooks offer generous maximum bets per event, but numbers vary based on individual MLS games and interests.

  1. BetOnline

BetOnline is another gambling and sports betting site that has built its reputation in US market. Opening an account with BetOnline is fast and painless. All you need is your email, address, phone number, and full name. After signing, click the sportsbook icon and choose the markets you want to be on. It’s also pretty easy to navigate on the platform.

Want to bet on the MLS? BetOnline offers you a comprehensive MLS betting market that features a plethora of betting options including over/under, totals, parlays, live betting and props. BetOnline offers minimum and maximum betting limits, meaning you can bet with little as $1 or place a bet as high as $25,000. The major US sports have $5,000 or even higher limits. With a huge customer base, BetOnline offers decent bonuses and promotions surrounding sports. Once you join the platform, you’ll be eligible for a 200% matched welcome deposit bonus.

MLS Betting Tips

Like any other soccer league, betting on the underdogs in MLS can be risky. On the other hand, since there is little risk associated with the favorite, the payout is normally quite small for less chancy selections.

Thus, to win in MLS, you need to come up with a clear betting strategy. You need to pay as much attention to the league as you would normally do with any other game or sport. Before making a bet you should research the clubs and match-ups. Check for a team’s current play and how they’ve been looking, any injuries they may have, and the performance of each of the team in their last five matches against the team they’re about to go up against.

You should also pay close attention to the transfer windows, as MLS teams have been known to try to pick up big stars midseason. Make sure you’re always checking your home and away splits too, of course.