900 Days Since The Supreme Court Struck Down The Federal Ban On Gambling, Where Does Your State Stand

With only a few days remaining before the close of the year, many gamers hope for the best as they prepare to usher in 2021. But are their corresponding state gaming legislation on their side? One of the major gaming legislation landmarks was the introduction of online casinos. And Nevada was the first state to allow its citizen to enjoy online games almost seven years ago. How about the remaining 50 plus states?

Deep seeded political opposition and budget shortfalls are a few problems preventing a dozen states from fully incorporating gaming legislation. Where do 90% of the states stand after 700 days since the Supreme Court struck down the federal ban? Well, as more states are embracing gambling, many are yet to pass regulations on online gaming. The following is an interactive map showing a detailed report on current state affairs on gaming legislation by a few states.

According to Daniel Wallach, the principal at Wallach Legal and the vice president of legal and regulatory affairs at Sportsradar, Jake Williams, the projected interstate affairs on different gaming projects can be better classified as;

Gaming is legal, and the state is accepting bets


Arkansas introduced legal sports betting almost one and half years ago, but currently, mobile betting isn’t allowed. Lawmakers are considering implementing the statewide online gaming legislation; however, it is difficult for a Republican branded sports campaign to succeed in a Conservative backyard (Arkansas region)!

Even though there have been various attempts to allow Arkansas citizens to game online, it seems 2020 will slide by silently without any progress! Well, that was before Biden was elected! In the meantime, if the Conservative Party takes charge of sports legislations, we are expecting Arkansas to be the first state to legalize online gaming in the first quarter of 2021.


Before accepting its first online wagers a few days ago, the Colorado gaming market was mostly untouched! But recent statistics show that this December, Colorado has quickly advanced into a robust market, and the state is challenging to overthrow the world gaming capital, Vegas.


The state launched up it’s betting regulations on the eve of NCAA Tournaments, and online betting progressively followed a few days later. Illinois is one of the most populous states in the USA, with many sports-crazy people living here, so there was a need to legalize sports betting as soon as possible.

However, the betting procedure followed a lengthy procedure where a gambler had to register at the retail sportsbook before placing a bet with the online option. And that slowed the participation process until the government decided to simplify the lengthy procedure amid the covid19 pandemic. Gov. JB

Pritzker scrapped out this requirement temporarily. It has been waived every month, and this December, too, Illinois citizens are expected to gamble online freely.

We have primarily discussed the most recent development on US gaming legislation, basing our report on states that legally accept bets. Nonetheless, there are some exciting news on the remaining three regulation criteria;

Pending gaming regulations as of December 2020

The possibility of various states allowing gamblers to place their bets next year and what have they done this December to ensure that they thrive

We will also look at some of the adamant states- no measures have been put in place to introduce gambling by the end of 2020


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